The letter was written on October 26, 2015. There is no military alliance in writing the letter: Chief Sharma



Kathmandu June 17: Chief of Army Staff Prabhuram Sharma has informed the International Relations Committee of the House of Representatives that the Nepal Army has sent a letter on October 26, 2015 to participate in the US ‘State Partnership Program’ (SPP).

The committee also summoned Sharma to a meeting after widespread questions were raised about the US SPP. He said the letter, which was made public on Thursday, was true.
The letter was written on October 26, 2015. It is true that the letter was written to promote and assist the Nepali brothers and sisters who came to Nepal to help the Nepali brothers and sisters who were affected by the recent earthquake in Nepal. I also want to oppose what will military alliance happen. All the Nepali brothers and sisters have read and understood the language written in it. It talks about security relationships and other support. Later, two more letters were written.

Why is it that the US Government’s funding for the Utah State Partnership Program has made it easier for the US Army to provide assistance to the Nepal Army in various types of earthquake, landslide, and submerged items under the State Partnership Program. This is done with the aim of bringing in humanitarian aid. Nor is it a matter of disrupting Nepal’s foreign policy and forming a military alliance. ‘

Sharma also claimed that the Nepal Army would operate only on the basis of the government’s foreign policy. “These actions were written with the immediate legal approval of the Minister of Defense and the Prime Minister of the Government of Nepal,” Sharma said. We have written a letter to the government. I have that too. ‘

He noted that there was no military partnership at the outset of the State Partnership Program.
“At the time, it was not intended to be a military partnership,” Sharma said Then in 2019 came the program called Indo-Pacific Strategy. We have written a letter to review whether we will feel uncomfortable after going there. ‘

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