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Why to ban Indian news channels ?

The Nepal Cable TV Association has decided to ban Indian news channels, except Door Darshan before Nepal government took any step against them.

Ignoring professional ethics and diplomatic norms, Indian news channels like Zee Tv and other channels, telecast detesting and fictitious video clips. They are focused towards insulting and humiliating Prime Minister KP Oli. Likewise, they are creating false and anti-China sentiment as well.

 Though maximum of the population in India and Nepal do not have trust over their conspiracies it may provoke those who have anti-China / Nepal sentiment. After the ban, intellectuals and even general public have supported the move of Nepalese cable operators.

Prior to the decision, spokesperson of NCP, Narayan Kaji Shrestha has condemned Indian media through twitter, “Baseless propaganda by Indian media against Nepal govt. and our PM has crossed all limits. This is getting too much. Stop with the nonsense”.

 People across India have shown their solidarity with Nepal’s decision to block the Indian news channels claiming them the government of India should take the same action.

Ashok Swain twits, “very good decision. They should have done this longtime back. Nepal keeps listing to Arnab, Sudhir & Co for a few more months every Nepali will become anti-India”. At the same time Youth Congress twits,” Nepal bans Indian News Channels. Once friendly country now turned hostile against India. Congratulations on your foreign policy Modiji”.

Maximum People from India have twitted, “The government of India should pay attention in its people’s comment,” एकदम सही काम किया नेपाल सरकार ने क्योंकि कीइंडियन मीडिया को तो देशमे भी बेन करना हिए”, or Nepal government did right job because these Indian media should be banned even in India. These posts represent Indian intellectuals and politicians. We can surmise general outlook of Indian people towards their news channels that even have lost their people’s trust.

Though this is not the first time that the Indian news channels emitted their ill intention and conspiracy, the recent video released through them is of serious concern. They have not only insulted the government and PM Oli but also tried to create a kind of nonsense propaganda dragging Chinese Ambassador to the same spot.

They might have thought that with one arrow they could shoot two birds. However, their arrow turned back to them and the international community too witnessed their real face. It is true that media can bring fact-based issues, carry discussions critically, and make people aware of injustice and their rights. They can entertain freedom of speech.

However, they should not ignore the fact that their effort should not hurt any one’s individual and national pride and dignity. Yes, we are smaller in geography and economy than India but it does not mean that we are their subordinates. They might have understood that Nepal did not remain under the colony of any country like India in its history. The young journalists should not forget, “Janani Janma Bhumi shcha Swargadapi Gariyasi” or mother and mother land are dearer than heaven. How can they claim that they have a long tradition of culture? Is this their culture handed down by their ancestors to insult neighboring government and its PM taking refuge to fabricated conspiracies?

Moreover, a healthy mind can’t link national issues with individual’s character. No doubt, there are inconsistencies between Nepal and India, they need time and effort to take positive course. Dispute may brew between neighbors but they have to be resolved diplomatically.

Nepal’s foreign ministry did not seem to be showing its courage to call Indian ambassador and ask to take necessary steps to bring Indian news channels under control after such a defaming propaganda had been on air through Indian Channels. No official statement and objection so far have come yet on behalf of the government of Nepal.

Observing silence means acceptance of the injustice. Why are some so called politicians and intellectuals lamenting over Chinese Ambassador Hou Yanqi’s meeting with NCP senior leaders? A foreign diplomat always wants to see stability and prosperity in Nepal. Similarly, the international community can show its keen interest on any country at the time of crisis. No one should forget that Chinese Ambassador is the representative of the government of the Peoples’ Republic of China which is under the control Communist party of China. Moreover, NCP and CPC have fraternal relations and can cooperate, suggest and support each other in critical period. We think all the foreign diplomats in Nepal prefer to see stable government. They do not want to see a strong party being split.

 So is the case with Chinese Ambassador. To impose ban upon any institution does carry a message and such message may blur the image in the days to come. For some time, they may entertain and satisfy their personal greed intellectual through presenting nonsense, baseless, and mean fabricated stories but they ultimately harm themselves.

 At present two ridiculing carnivals are being staged in Nepal and India. Indian news channels are busy fabricating conspiracies against our PM and in Nepal a negligible number of youths in sponsored white vests are staging carnivals here and there in the name of supporting Oli.

The chemistry behind the juxtapositions is unintelligible to sobber citizen. Indian channels are under a mission to try to create anti Nepal and anti-China mass spoiling their ear and eyes through baseless propaganda whereas, Nepalese youths are in a mission to create rift among senior leaders along with two chairmen. What happens if the silent side orders their adherents to come down to the street? Will Nepal police be able to keep the situation under their control?  Intra-party disputes should be resolved within party through dialogue and discussions.

 Party’s internal issues should not be taken to the street to show muscles and power. They can be okay till the presence of a few supporters but the magnitude of anger and resentment does not know its boundary when boundaries of patience cracked or dismantled.

So far, the current situation created after the ban over Indian news channels is concerned, Nepal should deal it diplomatically and prudently. It would have been better had Nepal government drawn Indian government’s attention through proper channel before the imposition of ban.

However, the issue has entered to diplomatic court and it is the duty and responsibility of both countries not to let further escalate the situation. The issue should not divide population for and against. Both governments should deal it wisely. While we Listen and view their video clips we come to know that they have knowledge but not wisdom and knowledge without wisdom can be fatal.

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