Nepal India Relation Needs ‘New Beginning and Style’

Nepal India relation is multidimensional. There have been good relations between two countries on people’s level from the time when there had been no political and geographical boundary in the history. The relations between the two countries have been established in such a way that it can’t be broken by anyone’s personal interest, power, emotion and whims since both countries have religious, social and cultural similarities.The formal diplomatic relations between independent India and Nepal after the Rana regime have been initiated on this ground of people to people relation. However, serious problem is being created in the understanding of the relations between modern Nepal and India.

During the last seven decades specially after India became independent, the relations between the two countries have extended further. Nepal has one fourth of the total business with India and India is one of the largest investing countries in Nepal. India has been supporting Nepal for decades specially in infrastructure development and education, health beyond formal business. For the last few years two countries have launched many projects under collaboration. Nepal, a newly land linked country that once was a landlocked need to extend such collaborations with its neighbors like India for its development and prosperity. Commitments of further collaborations realizing the need of Nepal have been made by leaders of the two countries during their high-level visits and address to respective countries, though India’s Nepal policy seems to be instable in many contexts. It is necessary on behalf of India to make policy based and structural improvement.

Despite having close relations and geopolitical presence, the relations between the two countries encounter occasional ups and downs. No one can contradict that democracy in Nepal had been possible in 1950 only after India became independent in 1947.However, the dissensions of Indian establishment in some of the situation of Nepal specially related to political changes or issues have been a heavy load to Nepalese people. The blockade that India imposed upon Nepal in 1970,1989 and 2015 extremely troubled Nepalese people. Negative image against India has been formed in Nepalese peoples’ heart after these unwanted incidents. Moreover, the involvement of Indian establishment in Nepal’s micromanagement and some of the political settlementranging from the change of the government to indirect imposition of orders can’t be appropriate in the light of the multidimensional relations between the two countries.The debate and dispute that emerged within India in the last few years have clarified that the repetition of such activities on behalf of India has further helped in creating anti-India sentiment in Nepal.

Likewise, there is a border disputes between two nations for decades. Disputes have emerged in dozens of points as there is no proper scrutiny of around 18 hundred kilometers open border. The relations between two countries have been frozen after India issued its political and administrative map encroaching 400 kilometers of Nepali territory including Kalapani, Lipulek, and Limpiyadhura. Moreover, there is a situation of complete noncommunication between the government of two countries after Nepal issued its new administrative and political map after rectifying even the clause through the amendment of constitution. Such noncommunication is not in favor of two countries. Therefore, the prime responsibility of high-level political leaderships of both countries has become the settlement of border disputes as soon as possible. However, it has been the other misfortune for both not to be able to work in that direction.

It is not a great issue to have occasional dissensions and grievances being two neighboring countries. There is an example of the settlement of border disputes between India and Bangladesh through talks and dialogues a few times back.

Therefore, India, as the country with the goal to be a super power country, should show its eagerness to settle border disputes with Nepal too and Nepal also should have the broader heart to realize and rectify its disheartening expressions made in the past against India. However, it will be prudent to show generosity on behalf of India as a greater country in this context.

Today is the 74th independent day of India. India is heading towards the course of becoming a super power in terms of democracy, economy, and strategy.  Narendra Damodardas Modi who always expresses “Neighbor First” is the current prime minister of India.When expectations to fulfill the need of mutual support and cooperation to develop the age-long relation between the two countries to new height are being made, the dispute related to border map has created further suspicion in Nepalese heart.  To erase such suspicion, no doubt, is the responsibility of the government of India and the prime minister.India should realize that the more harmonious, cordial and easy-going relations it maintains with its neighboring countries, the easier it will be for it to fulfill its ambition for international forums.  The rulers of the two countries should well realize and act accordingly that smaller countries need fearless rights over their independence, dignity, and self-determinism, while bigger nation needs support and the help of more countries to ensure its presence in the global forum.For that sake both should internalize the need of change in traditional diplomatic style and trend along with new behavior. 

The historic visit made on behalf of India’s Prime Minister four times in five years at a time when there had been no such high-level visit for the last 17 years can be considered as multidimensional for Nepal in different facets. Nepal should understand diplomatic interest directed by national interest accordingly, while India should show its generosity towards its small neighboring nations. Finally, we would like to extend our greetings to the friendly people of India on the occasion of the 74thIndependence Day of India.

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