Thank you Comrade Oli, Congratulation Sister Renu

Shubha Shankar Kandel : The interest in the calculation of Bharatpur Metropolitan-city, which is the most talked about in the country, has decreased and the surprise has increased. How did it become so different? How did Renu get so many votes? Questions such as how the UML also voted for Renu can be heard in the chowks, streets and tea shops of Chitwan. Such questions will continue for some time to come.

Such questions are not uncommon. Within the Chitwan and Bharatpur Metropolitan City, the Maoist center has third party status and public opinion. That too in a big difference of opinion. But after being elected as the mayor for the last time with a little more notoriety, the political and ground scene of Bhatarpur has not changed much.

After the dissolution of the CPN (UML), the UML felt that if Renu was treated as Prachanda’s daughter, the atmosphere would be conducive for them. That is why the Congress of Chitwan had to carry and pic on the head Parchanda’s father and daughter to Bharatpur, Oli very loudly said frequently. The ideologues did not spare any effort to provoke the Congressmen by pretending to be kind by saying when they will vote in the tree ? That approach was nothing more than a style of low-level protest against traditional criticism. And it didn’t happen.

When Renu went to Chitwan in the last election, she went as Prachanda’s daughter. The general voters understood that. However, she had already become a member of the House of Representatives. She also contested direct elections as well. Undoubtedly, she was the only child of Prachanda’s family with a political character. At that time, it was understood that the people of Bharatpur did not care much about such things.

Now let’s talk about the land that seems certain to win before she can say that she is winning the election. We had to stay in Bharatpur for three weeks in March-April due to our own family reasons. After the tragic death of my mother on March 20, all our family members were there. According to our tradition and custom, brothers, neighbors and friends used to come to visit us. Most of the Congress supporters and UML friends came to visit us.


Maoist cadres do not care about such things. Only their pretty interest is beyond. During the 13-day ritual, most of the conscious voters were met. At that time, UML had launched a door-to-door campaign in Bharatpur. My friend Krishna Bhakta Pokhrel had told me in detail about the situation in Bharatpur. He said that Hon’ble Pokharel was also amazed by the attraction of the youth in the song ‘Saipani UML, Maipani UML’ and informed about the real situation of Bharatpur.

When political activists reach the position of government and power, there is no one who cannot escape from the pernicious heat generated by those positions. Moreover, the Maoist leaders and cadres, who have become the slaves of the so-called demand that the country should follow our orders, do not have to explain any further lengthening as the status of maoist party, which was built on the floor of power, is constantly shrinking. This does not mean that those who have a huge organization have escaped from such vices.

Parliamentary democracy is a system of fooling the voters. The parties, including the NC and the UML, are adept at that genre, but the Maoists have shown the same vulgarity in eating and drinking as in the case of political arrogance.

lets talking on Bharatpur again, while we were sitting in Rituals at Bharatpur house, the UML’s door-to-door and the CPN (MC) ‘s pompous meetings, meetings and discussions were moving like Month of April’s heating sun. But the Congress workers were in deep despair. Who is the candidate? Will they be prevented from voting on the tree this time as well? In that case, our neighbors were saying that the Congress cadres were talking about voting in the UML(sun) instead of voting with a Maoist (hammer and sickle).

When Prachanda reached Chitwan in the same way, one day Prachanda also came to meet us with his cadres. At that time, Prachanda also hinted at the dilemma of whether the election would be held or not. Earlier, my old friend Amik Sherchan, while talking to us, told the historical facts about the names of different tolls of Chitwan and expressed his displeasure with this parliamentary system.

However, he became the Deputy Prime Minister under the same arrangement. He is currently the state chief of Lumbini. But his friends are all proud of him for being a simple leader who can’t be questioned.

When Prachandaji came to our house, Renu was not with him. But there was her husband with him. Arjunji was saying, Renu will come tomorrow. But we had no interest in such things. While sitting in funeral rituals, we did not ask anyone to come or not. Fortunately, we did not meet Renu while we were stying in Chitwan.

There was a lot going whispering in our family about this. The reason is that before that we used to meet when we went to Chitwan. Not only that, in general, our relationship with Prachanda was thought to be a bit too much, but our relationship was at an informal level at the family level.

I wanted to know how much she was able to stay in clean image of Renu’s 5 year tenure. Formally and legally, there is no precedent for any serious financial irregularities. But while all the leaders were thieves, all the leaders were dishonest, all saying the same thing, Prachanda and his family were being discredited as the richest people in the country in addition to familism. I had to know the same thing in Chitwan.

After Renu became the mayor, the development seen in Chitwan has been amazing. Probably, if what is happening in Bharatpur is not Renu Prachanda’s daughter, it would have been promoted as a model of development in the country and abroad. But it is another bitter truth that it is not possible to do that without Prachanda’s daughter. More than that, I wanted to know whether the general public was impressed by the fact that Renu was involved in financial mismanagement or corruption while running Bharatpur Metropolitan City. After patiently listening to Prachanda’s gossip, especially with the NC and UML supporters, who were considered to be the ones I met, the question arose as to what Renu had to do.

Everyone had the same answer. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. This is the reason why he got so many popular votes now and even those who are called UML voters voted for Renu.

Moreover, some of the Maoist brothers are in danger of losing if they join hands with the Congress, but they did not hesitate to say that no one can stop Renu Didi’s victory. I had no interest in thinking about such things. We should not live in such illusions forever. If local elections were held, it was certain that Renu would be the candidate again in Bharatpur. But I think that is the unnecessary stubbornness of the Prachanda family. Let’s not discuss this topic here.

After Renu became the candidate in Bharatpur, it was certain that an alliance would be formed. Deuba was well aware that the navel of his Primer post was buried in Bharatpur. But Jagannath not only shook Deuba’s foundation but also disturbed Prachanda. At that time, the Deuba-Prachanda did not pay attention to the local relations made by Renu in 5 years and the expansion of the voters. If this thing had kept in mind, Jagannath would not have gained so much importance.

On the other hand, the UML felt that the gossip in the tea shop and the anti-Maoist sentiment was the mistake of the people of Bharatpur. Even UML leaders and cadres who have been soaked in places like Chitwan may have contracted the disease from the center.

From Oli to Devi Gyawali, it seems that Prachanda’s familism and the weapons of the court order government are working to defeat the Maoists. The UML did not care about its so-called voters because of Prachanda’s familism and court order government. Renu’s door-to-door relationship and thus her relationship with the people’s representatives became the basis for the voting of the liquid voters. On top of that, they forgot that UML has not reached out to the people of Bharatpur for more than two decades.

The daily cooperation of the common people with the Municipal Officer Renu at the Municipal Office made Renu the strongest. In essence, it is easy to see that the image of a woman who is not involved in corruption, who is presented to the general electorate as an ordinary woman, and the image of physical development that exists there, strengthens the molecule. On top of that, UML’s selection of candidates and its hostile attitude towards the former Madhav group also became a benefit for Renu. Because until the last moment of the anti-Oli movement, most of the pro-UML voters in Bharatpur were active as Renu’s cadres.

In addition to this, Renu became more comfortable after Jagannath irrigated ‘Bhuinkathar’ (Symbol of Jagannath paudel, rebel candidate of NC) by blocking the votes of the ‘number one Congressman’ or hard core Congress. Is that the only reason for the victory? Of course not. The Maoist cadres did not have to say that Renu was Prachanda’s daughter and that Prachanda was ready to do anything for her. Because voting is both a joy and a threat also. It was the UML that publicized the issue. Because of that, the voters reached the level of voting for Renu due to both hope and fear. After all, whatever Prachanda does, he is the one to win, and it is the UML that has brought the voters to the level of voting elsewhere.

The statement made by UML was not wrong at all. But what he did not know was that in Kathmandu, Keshav Sthapit had ridiculed Balen Shah and campaigned, while in Chitwan, UML had forced Renu to vote for those who did not vote. Maoist cadres did not have to warn that it would not be good if they did not vote. This work was handled by UML from beginning to end. It was easier for Renu to do the same thing this time than in that last election.

When Renu contested the election for the first time, she was only Prachanda’s daughter. But this time, she became the ruler of the five-year-old government as well as an election strategist who knew every household and understood their mood. Realizing this, anyone with a monopoly on resource mobilization can easily win the election. This is what happened this time. On top of that, there was no complaint that Renu did anything, was corrupt, did that. Did Renu bring development from Chitwan by bringing money from home? UML cadres attacked him. But the people did not care about the retaliatory question like this .

Because before that nothing happened, but after Renu became the mayor, the voters were impressed that everything happened at once. There are a lot of people in Chitwan who say that it is their destiny to get the title of Prachanda’s father and daughter for Chitwan. Because without access, there would be no retail work of development. In our system, people in power were needed.

Exit polls released by ABC Television shortly after the polls in Chitwan as well all over the country on May 13, revealed that Renu had won a resounding victory in Bharatpur. As in the past, ABC Television has become the only exit poll in the crowd of hundreds of media outlets, with 99 percent results reached accurate to the final results.

At a Mass meeting in Chitwan, Prachanda warned Congress cadres. There was widespread protest nationally by political elite as well media. Prachanda’s statement is wrong when we were talking about democracy in a closed and luxurious room. But Prachanda did not say that out of passion.

If anyone in Nepal knows the best way to bring the Congress under control, only Prachanda knows. Therefore, Prachanda had deliberately warned the Congressmen. That is why the Congressmen either went to dig the ground or could not turn left or right with a hammer and sickle(maoist). The Congressmen did not even look at the sun as they could not see the sun in the summer sun. In that case, the election did not have to wait to understand that Prachanda’s warning of Baishakh 23 had worked. Jit Narayan Shrestha, former chairman of Chitwan of NC, who earlier had threatened to chase away ‘Prachanda’s father-daughter’ from Chitwan, had surrendered at the meeting on Baishakh23. The next morning, realizing the award, he went to address Jagannath. This is what will happen in the election. The Bharatpur election has made Prachanda the biggest electoral player in Nepal. Overall, Prachanda is the only winner of this local election in terms of politics and seats as well Nepali Congress Party.

Considering Renu as the successor of Prachanda’s controversial personality, All voters of Bharatpur must stop to Renu from becoming an arrogant ruler instead of become a good people’s representative. Relatively good people’s representatives have been brilliantly repeated this time. Even the voters have widened the choice.

Of course, if Jagannath Poudel in Chitwan had the character of becoming a people’s representative except for the Congress man, he would have made Renu very embarrassed. rebel candidate has taught a lesson to the real candidates of the alliance in places like Chandannath of Jumla and Dilasaini of Dadeldhura and In Janakpur, the official candidate of the alliance, the incumbent mayor, has been made faceless by the Congress rebels. But in Chitwan, Jagannath could do nothing but laughing image at the Congress cadres.

In the end, best wishes to sister Renu. Sister, you should come forward not only as Prachanda’s daughter but also as a good people’s representative. Only then will the desire of the Prachanda-Sita couple be fulfilled. There will be many conspiracies and games to mislead you during this tenure. Always be vigilant.

Always be alert to what you say and to those around you. You will not make the mistake of being kind to your loved ones like your father. If it is not difficult to go to Balkot once to get Uncle Oli’s good wishes and express gratitude for the merit he has given in this election. This is your choice. But I just reminded her that I have heard that the branches that grow in the tree are bent. Again, many many good wishes and congratulations.

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