Letter to MCC diplomatic initiative, after modification would forward: Maoist Center

Kathmandu, Feb 6 : According to the CPN(Maoist Center), the letter written by Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba and CPN (MC)Chairman Prachanda to the MCC headquarter last September was ‘a diplomatic initiative and a defense of the coalition government’.
In a press note issued on Sunday evening, Chairman Prachanda’s personal secretary Ramesh Malla clarified that the letter was written to the MCC to protect the government formed by overcoming regression at a time when pressure was mounting on it.
Explaining that the MCC cannot move forward without modification, it is said that it will move forward on the basis of the decision made by the then CPN.

Letters written by PM Deuba and Prachanda only on Sunday and MCC’s reply letter given by headquarter was made public.
On Sunday evening, Prime Minister Deuba, Prachanda and Leader of the Main Opposition KP Sharma Oli had a discussion on MCC. During the discussion, Prachanda proposed to make a joint request to move the MMC forward only after the next election.

(The then NCP co-chairs received recommendations  on MCC , 2020.)

The statement issued by Prachanda’s secretariat is as follows.

Clarification regarding letter to MCC:
‘We pay serious attention to the letter dated September 29, 2021 to the MCC headquarters on behalf of the Prime Minister and the Chairman of our party and the comments, actions and reactions made in the political circles and at the public level.
The letter was written to protect the national interest and the coalition government as pressure mounted on the prime minister to pass the MCC at the time of the formation of the new coalition government. The letter stated that the MCC would require a national consensus and that the government would need some time to build a national consensus.

On the one hand, political circles, intellectuals, the press and the people are protesting and pressuring about MCC, and on the other hand, the task force formed by the then Communist Party of Nepal (CPN) on MCC has said that it cannot be passed without modification. There was no condition of consensus within a coalition.
Given this objective situation, there is no point in misinterpreting and unnecessarily exaggerating the diplomatic initiative taken by the leadership with the national interest at the center.

We have been clarifying the views of our party considering the interest of the country and the people above all. Our party is adamant that this project should not be passed without modification. We heartily appeal to the entire party and the justice-loving masses not to be misled by the planned propaganda.
– Secretariat of Chairman Comrade Prachanda’

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