Pancha Singh became the president of ‘Akhil Krantikari’

Kathmandu:  Pancha Singh has become the chairperson of Akhil Krantikari is  the sister student organization of Maoist center. This morning, Chairman Pushpakama Dahal Prachanda announced the decision to have Pancha Singh as the chairman of Akhil Krantikari.

This is the first time in the history of Akhil Krantikari that a woman has become the president.

Pancha Singh and Surendra Basnet were the main contenders for the post of president. Akhil Krantikari had given the responsibility of selecting the chairperson to party chairman Prachanda.

Leaders of Akhil Krantikari had reached Prachanda’s residence in Khumaltar this morning to discuss the issue of leadership selection. During the same discussion, a leader told  that Prachanda had appointed Pancha Singh as the chairperson.

Now, from the ongoing closed session of the 22nd National Conference, it will be formally announced that Pancha Singh has become the All-Revolutionary President.

Who is Pancha?

Born in Mahawai of Kalikot District, Pancha went underground in 2058 BS. When she was 14 years old. She was in the artist’s team for the first 5/6 months. She immediately joined the student organization.

She became the Jumla District Treasurer in 1959 BS and the Jumla and Kalikot District Chairpersons in 2062 BS. Singh, who was elected a central member from the 17th General Convention, was given the responsibility of Bheri-Karnali coordinator in 2064.

After that, when Narendra Neupane was elected as the Central Secretary, Pancha was in charge of the Vice-Chairman. In the 21st General Convention, she was elected as the Vice President with the highest number of votes.

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