Not only KP Oli but also anti-federalism element is the reason for the Party split- Upendra Yadav, Chair-JSP

Kathmandu: Although two months have passed since the formation of the government led by Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba, the government has not reached its full potential. It is said that the expansion of the government has been delayed as the ruling parties, especially the CPN (Unified Socialist) and the Janata Samajwadi Party, have different views on the ordinance on political parties.

In this context, a summary of the conversation with Janata Samajwadi Party Chairman Upendra Yadav for Nepal Page.

Why the delay in cabinet expansion?

Although the government led by Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba has issued an ordinance on political parties that could split parties with 20 percent support in the parliamentary parties and the central committee, it has not been passed by the parliament. The government will be complete as soon as the ordinance on political parties, which the cabinet on the basis of 20 percent is  should be repealed the cabinet will be expansion.

what is the stand of Jaspa’s views on the US Financial Aid Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC)? 

Regarding MCC, the party will also hold a meeting and take an institutional decision. We will decide before the MCC is on the table.

Even though the Tarai-Madhesh movement and the issue are the same, what is the reason for the political parties to be fragmented and unable to come together?

Political instability continues in developing countries. There is instability in the House, in the government and in politics. Thoughts and principles are becoming secondary as politics is taken as a profession rather than a service. There is no political stability without economic prosperity. When there is economic prosperity in the country, it automatically decreases. Geopolitical influence is also in Nepal.

Prosperity and development are needed, not just justice and equality. The communists have abandoned socialism. The question of ethnicity, class, freedom, equality, inclusion and equality has been raised by any power in the past, but it has been raised in the 12-point agreement, but this question has been raised continuously by JSP. People of Madhes movement and Tharuhat movement are still in jail.

No one should be imprisoned on the basis of political views. There is no difference between the Congress and the Communists. That is the voice we are trying to raise.

Is there any external influence in the politics of the country?

Nepal is located between two countries with opposing ideologies. Nepal, which is located between two powerful countries, is also geographically sensitive. Naturally, cold winds in the hills and hot winds in the lowlands have an effect. Powerful countries always try to stay in power. Poor and weak countries are despised

What is opinion that the new party has split and joined the Democratic Socialist Party, which was previously with the same party?

The party is not divided, only part of it has been divided. 80-90 percent of the leaders and people’s representatives are in JSP. The ordinance brought by Sher Bahadur Deuba has had the same effect on the CPN-UML and JSP.

UML is in the same situation. Everything that the RJP side  had brought is here. They have also left the sun and water umbrella in the party.

Someone has used them to explode. I still say, come to the party correctly, but they need a review. So I still call on them to come back to the party, let’s work together. They need to know who is benefiting or using it. Not only KP Oli but also anti-federalism is the reason for the split.

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