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Editorial : Hundreds of people are dying prematurely every day due to the dire humanitarian crisis caused by the shortage of oxygen and beds in hospitals across the country. Despite the availability of resources at the hospital, there is a big difference between the death of a health worker and the loss of life without oxygen or a medical bed. The government and the bureaucracy are not unaware that such a humanitarian catastrophe is coming in the second wave of Covid 19.

However, it is unfortunate that the ruling party, the UML, and especially Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli himself, at some point fell from a two-thirds majority to reduce parliamentary pressure for weeks to form a minority government. Moreover, the prisoner of indecision involved in the alleged vaccination commission case of the overall health system not only failed to predict the speed of the covid infection but also fell into state crime. His consciousness was only awakened when Tedros Gabrius, the head of the World Health Organization, appealed to the world community for help, saying that Nepal was facing a serious humanitarian crisis due to Covid 19. After that, even if the political and personnel mechanism of Nepal, which is active in mobilizing support including vaccination, is successful, the Corona disaster will continue for a few more weeks.

There is a fundamental difference between the first and second wave of corona virus infection in Nepal. In the first phase, the spread of the infection was high but the human loss toll was low. People were encouraged to engage in areas such as agriculture following health safety standards. As a result, the economy suffered less than previously projected. However, it is not possible to say ‘let with Corona’ like then. The backbone of the country’s economy, including agriculture and tourism, has been damaged. Therefore, in the present day, proper treatment of patients, prevention and control of infections and policy making on measures to reduce the impact of covid in different areas – these three main tasks need to be done with together. Except Parliament, the highest body of the people’s representatives, cannot be a suitable place for this work.

Earlier, some political parties had pointed out the need for an all-party mechanism for controlling and preventing the Corona epidemic. However, that was not possible due to the Prime Minister’s own denial. Looking at the overall situation of the country in the last two-three years, everyone must reflect on a bitter reality. That is, Prime Minister Oli lacks efficient coordinating governance capacity. No one should make it a matter of arrogance and prestige to convene a parliamentary session now.

On the whole, the minority government should have used this opportunity to ensure that the government’s policies, programs and budget are passed on the basis of issues and justifications. But, unfortunately, even today, the discussion on the government’s attempt to bring budget and other programs without convening the parliament has started in the political circles. If such a step is taken by deceiving the parliament, it will prove to be another unfortunate event in the parliamentary political history of Nepal. The accusation against Prime Minister Oli, who has been axing the democratic spirit and the spirit of the constitution for the past three years, has not been further substantiated.

Therefore, the annual session of Parliament should be convened immediately without a day’s delay. The regular agenda of the convention is in place, and a bigger agenda is to formulate a concrete national plan for the control of the Covid epidemic through a broader debate. That alone decides the national consensus. If that happens, it will contribute to moving forward on the path of consensus by reducing the political bitterness. The call for a parliamentary session will answer many of the questions and concerns raised to the ruling party and the prime minister by others.

Therefore, discrediting the parliament does nothing but onlypush the country into a dark tunnel. The tendency to run away from the people’s representative institutions cannot be democratic in any sense. Therefore, it has become necessary to convene the sitting of the Parliament without any confusion on the basis of 24 hours notice and not on the basis of seven days notice. The Prime Minister must reflect on the fact that the pressure of time has put the country under a lot of pressure.

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