Present fight is against anarchy and political instability: DPM Pokharel

Kathmandu, Feb 5

Deputy Prime Minister Ishwor Pokharel has said that the government has decided to go for the general election for taking fresh mandate from people as there is no bigger judge other than the people in a democracy.

DPM Pokharel said this while addressing the mass meeting held here today by Nepal Communist Party (NCP), Bagmati Province Committee. He called on the party rank and file to get ready for the election. Stating that the NCP led by Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli is the authentic NCP, he expressed the belief that their party would get the ‘Sun’ as the election symbol. He added that the present struggle was for giving stability to the nation and not for power. “Prime Minister Oli’s aspiration is to free the country of the drawn-out instability and take it ahead on the path of economic prosperity and development,” he said. DPM Pokharel said the Prime Minister was compelled to dissolve the House of Representatives as he met with non-cooperation from within the party when he was taking the country towards the path of development and prosperity. “We have opted to go for the election with the intention of accepting the people’s final verdict through their votes,” he said, adding that it is the people who will decide everything through the vote. The Deputy Prime Minister charged the NCP Prachanda-Nepal faction of threatening the Election Commission not to move ahead the election programmes.

“The Prime Minister was not allowed from within the party to fulfill the pledges made to the people. Malevolent efforts were made from within the party to push out all of a sudden the Prime Minister elected for a five-year term and to remove a party Chair elected through party general assembly without any valid reasons. The general public and the party workers have not liked this,” he elaborated. DPM Pokharel said continuity would be given to political stability by fighting against such adversities no matter whatever the situation to defend the constitution and attain the national aspiration of ‘Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepali’. —

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