A new process to start in politics if PM did mea culpa: Leader Shrestha

Kathmandu, Jan 8 : Leader of the Nepal Communist Party (NCP) Dahal-Nepal Group, Narayan Kaji Shrestha has said that a new process would begin in the national politics if efforts were made to move ahead with a view to reviving the House of Representatives by observing self-criticism on the move of dissolving it. Speaking in the special hour in the meeting of the National Assembly today, he said, “There is still time and opportunity at present for the self-realisation and I would humbly request the Prime Minister to come forward making a self-criticism of his unconstitutional announcement (of dissolution of the HoR) with the intent of reinstating it. A new process would start if that is done (by the PM).”

He argued that the constitution which is ‘derailed’ now would also come back on track if the step of dissolving the House of representatives is taken back. According to him, doing so would not only protect democracy but it would also create a chance for moving ahead the unified communist movement and the party unity. Leader Shrestha underscored the need of cleaning the politics and moving it ahead on the basis of ideology, principles and norms and values by building a prosperous Nepal through the promotion of democracy. He also urged all the political parties to move ahead towards giving a sense of change to the people by ensuring the fundamental rights including education, health and employment through socio-economic transformation and improving the shortcomings in the constitution and evolving the democracy. Shrestha contended that the constitution has not even imagined of the dissolution of the House of Representatives in the present context and none of its Articles provided this prerogative to the Prime Minister.

He opined that the dissolution of the House of Representatives has hijacked the rights of the people and it was a blow to democracy and the republic. Leader Shrestha reminded that the Prime Minister’s special right of dissolving the Parliament was curtailed while drafting the constitution. He said PM’s arbitrary rights of dissolving parliament had pushed the country into instability and chaos in the past therefore the constitution did not mention such rights this time. He further added that the move of dissolving the parliament showing the intra party dispute was not logical and valid. Shrestha also said that the Courts were not allowed to amend the constitution as they were only allowed to interpret the constitution. He said if the Supreme Court approved the Parliament dissolution then the constitution turns to mere sheet of paper.

Similarly, Nepali congress Lawmaker Tara Devi Bhatta claimed that the government disrespected the public verdict after dissolving the parliament. Bhatta also termed the move of dissolvent as the unconstitutional.

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