No shortage of resources to ensure vaccine against Covid-19: Finance Minister

Kathmandu, Dec 18

Finance Minister Bishnu Prasad Poudel has vowed that there would not be any shortage of resources to ensure people with the vaccines against Covid-19. The government is devoted to bringing in and distributing the vaccines in Nepal as the processes were underway in the world market to make available the vaccines produced by various companies, he added.

Minister Poudel said it during a meeting with newly elected office bearers of Nepal Association of Financial Journalists on Friday. “State is responsible to bring in the vaccines as it made available the free testing and treatment of Covid-19. No citizen will bear the cost of vaccines. Diplomatic dialogue is underway with the countries where various companies were producing vaccines,” he assured.

According to him, the senior citizens and those working in the front-line to combat Covid-19 would be provided the vaccines initially. “Government is concentrated on making the battle against Covid-19 effective by importing the anti-coronavirus vaccine,” Minister Poudel underscored.

Efforts were underway to revitalize the economy dented by Covid-19 and normalize the life, he said, adding that all measures are taken to make economy robust and dynamic.

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