China would like Nepal to be a win-win cooperation platform

China has said that it sturdily opposes to Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC). Zhang Shubin, the Director and Professor of Hebei University of Economics and Business in China (of Nepal Studies Center), has said that China strongly resists the MCC if US has taken Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) as a weapon to counter China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

Speaking at a seminar on Nepal-India-China cooperation organized by the Asian Institute of Diplomacy and International Relations, he has said that he expects the Government of Nepal and the people of Nepal to take shrewd decisions with the national interest at the center.

He has expressed the view that Nepal should be a platform for cooperation for the United States, China and India for the benefit of Nepal. He further adds, “If the United States really wants to help establish Nepal’s infrastructure through the MCC, it needs to concentrate on the key concerns of Nepalese people about the potential impact of the MCC on Nepal’s sovereignty and economic development.” And says that it will be easy if necessary amendments are made.

He has also expressed his confidence that Nepal would be benefited from the financial assistance of all countries. Moreover, he states, ‘If you think MCC is good for you, accept it, if you think it is not good, and reject it without any hesitation. “I think Sri Lanka has set an example for Nepal in this regard. “

Speaking at the event, Anu Anwar, a researcher at the Howard Asia Center under Howard University in the United States, he has suggested Nepal to cooperate with both India and China by setting its national goals at the first.

He says, ‘Nepal is in between India and China, and even small countries have gained power through good economic development, for instance Belgium and Singapore.’ Similarly, he says that small countries of South Asia should cooperate for economic development without contending with the Great Power.

He says that the United States has played several roles in South Asia under the Indo-Pacific Strategy.  However, it has not been able to contribute to the development of South Asia.

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