Why did NCP Perpetuate attack on Constitution’s Dignity?

Kathmandu 5 Sept :

In the name of the resolution of the almost 6 months long internal factional dispute, the ruling NCP secretariat meeting has decided to send Bamdev Gautam to the National Assembly to be appointed by the president on the recommendation of the government. The practice of making an already discarded individual by the people in the parliamentary election enter the parliament through a constitutional backdoor provisioned for a different purpose is not only against people’s verdict for NCP, but also a blatant attack on the dignity of the constitution built by it. This move of the so-called unanimous decision made to enliven factional politics ultimately will be a danger to be the point of departure of the far-reaching precedent of the mutilated political practice.

constitutional provision of cabinet formation.

However, this is not the first incident to have a defeated leader sent to the parliament through a back door. Earlier, the NCP spokesperson has already been a member of the National Assembly. However, Shrestha reached the destination through competing National Assembly election instead of getting nominated as someone else’s boon. His entry to the parliament was also wrong in accordance to the core idea and spirit of the constitution, but Gautam’s effort to be the honorable member of the national assembly relying on the factional support under the quota of the president has not only ridiculed the constitutional provision but also blurred the significance and dignity of the parliament. Moreover, the act of blurring the dignity of the constitution built under the special ownership and initiation of the two parties within the current NCP has also been made by the ruling party.

Meeting of NCP secretariat at Baluwatar, PM Personal Residence . file photo.

Nevertheless, this is not the first trial of Bamdev Gautam’s power gluttony. He had already made around two dozen efforts to enter the parliament after he was defeated in the election of the house of representatives from constituency no. 2, Bardiya. All his efforts to be the prime minister after entering the house of representatives through competing elections either from Dolpa, Banke, Palpa, Rukum East and West, Nawalparasi or Bajura asking the respective member of parliament to resign had almost been proved to be impossible coming to Ram Bir Manandhar, in Kathmandu.

Gautam stepped back after the voters of Kathmandu-7 and NCP activists and workers declared their noncooperation in the election sharply protesting his power gluttony.  Due to the possible protest of the voters and NCP workers, he did not become ready to go to Kaski to compete for the election from the vacant constituency -2. 

The situation became such that the speculation of his rejection from all the constituencies across the nation was made. Around this scenario, Gautam rejected the request made by two chairmen to go for the National Assembly election to be held for 19 vacant members from different constituencies. However, a decision to send him to the National Assembly was made on 26 February 2020 as an effort to retain the factional majority within the party. The prime minister did not become ready to implement the decision. In the climax of the dispute party secretariat meeting held on 2 May 2020 decided to send him to the house of parliament through election at a convenient time and be the prime minister.

But everyone knows that Bamdev Gautam has become a pawn to fulfill the interest of some of the selfish groups within and out of NCP through removing the minister for finance, Dr. Yuba Raj Khatiwada. Consequently, the same group remained busy for 4 days prior to Kahtiwada’s resignation to spread propaganda of Gautam’s entry to National assembly and in the government as the deputy prime minister and finance minister.

Article 78 (4) clearly mentions, “a person who has been defeated in the election to the then House of Representatives shall not be qualified to be appointed to the office of Minister as mentioned in

clause (1) during the term of such House of Representatives”. Moreover, Bamdev can’t meet the standard for National Assembly to be nominated by the president. It does not suit to any high-profile leader of a political party to impose pressure to occupy the seat in National assembly determined by the constitution for those who have made high contribution in national life or who are lagged behind in the society. However, such mandatory provisions do not become a moral bond for Gautam. The airy propaganda of his lobbying for the amendment of the constitution to pave the way to the prime ministerial chair after entering the national assembly is quite sufficient to his fluid character.

The climax of the internal dispute of NCP had been slowed down at a time when PM KP Sharma Oli had joined a family dinner last month in Gautam’s residence in the name of breaking the so-called Bhaisepati alliance. Moreover, the gathering arranged by a defamed middleman has already been publicized and the issue of the appointment in National Investment Board has clarified its bitter side effect. Crushed under the burden and due to his nature to keep on watching to the end, finally, prime minister Oli remained compelled to recommend Gautam’s name.

Gautam’s ultimate ambition has shifted to the finance minister from the prime minister. However, prime minister Oli does not seem to be ready for the immediate reshuffle of his cabinet. The outgoing finance minister Dr. Khatiwada may also work as a de facto prime minister in the capacity of chief advisor to the prime minister. Baluwatar sources claim that PM Oli has kept finance ministry under him with a mentality to handle it under Khatiwada’s suggestion. If the claim made by Baluwatar sources comes true, the move will be proved as worse among the worst step but the best option.

In case, this kind of provision and system prevails to apply all the means, Sam, Daam, Dand, and Bhed ( Chanakya coined these words with their meaing-to advise, offer, punish, and exploit the secret) by the selfish group in and out of NCP as they did to oust Dr. Khatiwada, the same group may once again engage in creating a pressure to appoint this one or that one in certain ministry for their lucrative business and petty self. They may mount pressure for any unconstitutional purpose any time on the backing of Gautam.

The climax of the dispute within NCP has no doubt harm the party, but the future appointment of much controversial and defamed character like Ramdev Gautam in any high-level post is sure to blur the eminence of the Nepal Communist party more. 

Gautam has, for the first time, confessed his own weakness today for getting defeated in the parliamentary election from Bardiya. Moreover, Gautam underwent a marathon race of Kathmandu-Singapore to saturate his power-hunger on the pretention to meet ailing Oli who was under medical treatment at a Singapore base hospital. Consequently, the central committee meeting of the Nepal Communist party amended its statute clearing the way for Gautam to become the vice-chairman. He succeeded to be the chief of the Organization Department of NCP in terms of responsibility. He did not leave a stone unturned to defame Prachanda in the name of companionship. Gautam has attacked and blurred the dignity of the constitution of Nepal imposing unbearable pressure on Oli through the initiation of weapon brokers, middlemen, and commission agents and even dragging Her Excellency President and paving the way to the National Assembly.

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