Three years on, service track construction under Koteshwor-Kalanki road not yet over

Kathmandu, Sept 11

Three years into the construction, the construction of its service track under the Kalanki-Koteshwor road expansion project has not been over yet.

An agreement had been struck to construct a one-metre service track on its either side. Topographical difficulties and failure to remove physical infrastructures on the road are blamed for the delay. Now, the Kathmandu Ring Road Improvement Project has a plan to construct ladders instead of the service track in some places where there are topographical difficulties.

There is the delay in constructing the track from Balkumari bridge to Koteshwor, admitted the project chief Amrit Mani Rimal. There are high and even surfaces on the inside and outside of the Ring Road, thus creating difficulties in the process, he said.

Preparations were underway to construct ladders on the right side of the road, he said, adding that two houses on the left side of the road area have yet to be removed to construct the track.

In 2075 B.S., the Chinese government handed over the 10.4-km Kalanki-Koteshwor road expansion project to the Kathmandu Ring Road Improvement Project.

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