Progress of China : Magnificent Shift From Westernization to Easternization

By Prativa Poudel

Kathmandu, September 5:

The era of westernization is coming to an end. Prosperity and progress of China is continuously growing due to its advancement of science and technology and education. And China is much more nearer to the global power due to the speedy development in most of its sectors.

Moreover, global trade is expanding rapidly in China amid this pandemic. And as far as COVID 19 pandemic is concerned, it is almost eradicated form the country while all countries including America and Russia are still struggling to control this pandemic.

Therefore, there is no talk of regular trade, business and transaction in these countries. These countries record the highest number of deaths and active corona infected cases.  In contrast, china records Zero number of death and no active case of   Covid 19.They have already recovered the loss of economy and other progress which they faced during the 4 month long lock down in China. This seem china has been paving a very good and clear path for its development without any obstruction and other countries United States of America is pulled back to some years before.

Since early May this year a tension is created between India and China. In clash, between India and China many people died, triggered the arrogance between them even more. This makes the United States of America to develop a strategy of supporting India to make Indians by their side. The following statement which is taken out of an Indian News Paper will help to clear the information:

“India’s decision to stay out of the Kavkaz-2020 once again brings to question why India decided to join the SCO  – or why it has accorded notional importance to groupings like BRICS as well as the Russia-India-China (RIC) trilateral – in the first place even as it deepens its strategic relationship with the United States and allied powers in the Indo-Pacific. India announced on August 30 that it will not participate in the Kavkaz-2020 military exercise to be held under the aegis of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) — a Eurasian multilateral grouping led by China and Russia, which also has Pakistan as a member – in southern Russia. Indian sources have pointed out that the country decided to skip Kavkaz-2020 due to the participation of the Chinese military in the exercises.”

This is why US is supporting India to defeat China. India is totally against China and therefore US wants to make benefit of this quarrel between them. It seems that America is seeking of various strategies to pull back China in progress and development.

Moreover, China is in the verge of developing Vaccine against Corona Virus. It will be a cyclic raise in the global power of China if it develops Vaccine against COVID 19. If China wins the battle against COVID 19 by inventing vaccines then it will inject positive influence in all the people and Nations in this world and China will get full support in various sectors which this country is targeting such as BRI (Belt and Road Initiatives) and all. Moreover, to counter this project of China, America has already lunched another project i.e.

Indo Pacific Strategies, of which Nepal is also the supporting partner. Indeed Nepal is supporting both the project BRI and Indo Pacific Strategy. Furthermore if china becomes successful toward developing this vaccine then China will gain trust and even more economic Power in the entire world. We the immediate neighbor and other developing countries will eagerly watching the reaction of America towards China.

Also, Nepal will be instant benefit-er of China’s development of vaccine against COVID 19. Since china has always supported Nepal in its ups and downs and we Nepalese are hopeful for – ever lasting support of China in the days to come. China has been a very good and trustful neighboring country among Nepalese people and government of Nepal. This will be creating Jealousy in our next neighboring country, India which is very renowned in maintaining so called excellent relation with its Neighboring country like Nepal, Pakistan, Bhutan, Afghanistan and China. 

Since, the rise of President Donald Trump, ass0aults on China have increased. Two years ago, the Trump administration launched a trade war against China. At that time, the United States accused China of having unequal trade with the United States.

It is seen the president of the most powerful Nation, Donald Trump has set up various obstacles to national security and China’s economic and military expansion. The rapid growth achieved by China over the past decade has astounded the United States. This is an unprecedented challenge for the American elite, both economically and politically. Despite these two years of US efforts, China’s development has not been significantly affected. Although China is the world’s second-largest economy by size, it is still ranked 65th in terms of per ca pita income. Therefore, China aims to eradicate extreme poverty of the Chines people by the end of this year

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