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Teej and its tradition

Kathmandu, August 21:

Teej is an exclusive Nepalese festival celebrated especially by Nepali Hindu women. Teej is taken as a platform to express their sorrow, oppression and other emotional feelings that happen throughout the year .

It is believed that the goddess Parvati got her husband Mahadev by fasting and worshipping for many days. There are many such historical myths of getting husband like the god Mahadev Shiva by Hindu women. No matter how many Shiva temples and shrines there are in Nepal, they represents the second class. However, women’s pain and anguish are also presented through songs and dance during the day, after worshipping lord Shiva in the morning.

Teej is taken as a celebration for  the long life of the husband. Nepal has now entered the Federal Democratic Republic. There is a commitment to women’s rights and women’s equality in formality. But culturally, females have not been able to be free from masculine power, culture and their domination. The women’s rights leaders and the frontline workers have overlooked it. It has become an irony.

If the culture can be changed along with the change of time and situation, then the vitality and stability of the political system will be achieved. The Communist leadership and related departmental minister is being mocked for the Pashupati Guru Yojana that has been published and broadcast only today. Unless there is a change in this predicament, change in the overall living standards of the people is not possible.

 Therefore, the political leadership should understand that the preservation of Teej’s originality and its bond to this culture are very different issues. Thankfully, this time due to Corona’s epidemic , News related to cultural pollution of the mass media is not heard.

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