Rule of Law a Big Question Mark in the Pandemic

Kathmandu, August 29:

BY Prativa Poudel

Inhuman treatment has started in many places of our county to the corona infected people. Corona Infection can attack any one of us, this disease is not going to leave either of us: neither rich and intelligent nor poor and uneducated.

We are hearing many instances of ill behaviors such as misbehaving with the health professionals mobilized for the treatment of coronavirus infected individuals. In the same way, the officials who are thought to be well-educated and intellectual at COVID care centers and other hospitals show poor behaviors to the COVID Patents and other sick people.  Likewise, on the other hand, there have been a series of events such as vandalism of isolation centers that have been set up to keep infected people.

Next heart touching example that is heard now a days is – health workers deployed on the front lines are also getting infected at an disquieting rate because of the lack of facial Mask and hand sanitizers. They say they are compelled to reuse disposal masks regardless of risks. As we know that more than 600 health workers are found to have infected with corona virus. There is a spike in cases and deaths from the coronavirus infections throughout the country is increasing in an alarming rate.

Similarly, assault on doctors, coercion to remove doctors and health workers from their respective areas, and mistreatment of health workers with corona infections are heard in many news channels.

Therefore, a crucial government step for the control and treatment of corona virus infection is the most important thing should be done immediately in the present scenario in context of Government of Nepal.

 There is a big Question Mark on the “Rule of Law”, here. We all are equal before law and nobody is above the law. Therefore, those who violate rules of law should be succumbed to punishment and penalty. However, these days government is overlooking such action of its people. There is a question on both good governance and the limited government, equally.

The rule of law is defined in the Oxford English Dictionary as: “The authority and influence of law in society, especially when viewed as a constraint on individual and institutional behavior; (hence) the principle whereby all members of a society (including those in government) are considered equally subject to publicly disclosed legal codes and processes.”

This definition is just limited to the pages of dictionary. Rule of law is a principle that is printed only on papers, under which all persons, institutions, and entities are accountable to imaginative laws that are: promulgated in dreams of people equally enforced, it is independently judged and has become a nightmare to the people of Nepal. Now a day, such like statements have become a mocking answer in many social networks and communication.“As per rule of law, it is required that the people should be governed by the accepted rules rather than the decisions that are arbitrarily taken by the rulers.”

As we know that, government implements the law. In the federal capital, Kathmandu, despite a ban, people from different places gathered and surrounded the hostel where doctors and nurses are staying. This incident is one of the very good instances of culmination of the rule of law. These events prove that the country’s law is week and civic edification too is feeble. Accountability and transparency of the action of the government is not visible during this pandemic situation also.

These entire scenarios are culminating in many parts of Nepal because of poor Civic education. Therefore, the state has not acknowledging its responsibility of the providing civic awareness. The so called civil society and political parties are silent for these issues. There is a big questions on duties and responsibilities of political parties in times of national calamity. We are not able to see the preparation regarding risk management such as risk reduction education campaign.

We all Nepalese people are expecting at least a single member PCR test in a family. This can help to generalize COVID 19 infection to other members also.

More number of isolation wards and other health care measures should be ensured by the government.

Many programs including awareness on personal hygiene and other healthy behavior should be done at the local level and community level.

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