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Repatriation of Nepali from abroad continues

Texas, Aug 9

Repatriation of Nepali citizens from abroad amidst the COVID-19 crisis continues.

So far, a total of 46,312 Nepalis returned home since the suspension of regular international flights due to the global crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. They were repatriated on the joint initiatives of Nepali Embassy in respective countries, diplomatic missions and the Non Resident Nepali Association (NRNA). As said by the NRNA, the highest number of returnees: 12,501 were from the United Arab Emirates followed by 6,997 the Saudi Arabia, 6794 from Malaysia, 6,329 from Kuwait and 5,259 from Qatar.

The remaining returnees are from Afghanistan (33), Oman ( 636), Myanmar ( 26), Thailand ( 326), South Korea ( 720), Bangladesh (841), the Maldives (709), the Singapore (297), Hong Kong (89), Pakistan (72), Bahrain (980), America ( 423), the UK ( 229), Israel ( 127), China (208), Turkey ( 110), the Philippines ( 201), Switzerland ( 10), Iraq ( 39), South Sudan (250), Central African Republic (68), Sri Lanka ( 5), Japan (1023) and India (85). The total figure does not include those returned from India via land routes.

Meanwhile, 246 dead bodies of Nepali were brought home during this period to handover their families while last rites of 172 people were conducted where they died at the consent of the families. Seventy-six bodies are yet to be brought to home. According to NRNA, 191 have died so far abroad due to coronavirus and two more Nepali succumbed to the virus in India last week. As said by NRNA’s Health Committee coordinator Dr Sanjiv Sapkota, this week India, Australia, Belgium, Poland, France, Qatar and Saudi Arabia reported fresh infections among the Nepali.

The infection rate among the Nepali is relatively slowing down in Middle East countries compared to the previous week. A total of 146 Nepali infected with the virus this week in Australia and those who were infected en masse in Luxemburg are being recovered gradually. No new infection among Nepali has been detected there.

Nepali people residing in 38 countries have been infected by the virus. Meanwhile, the NRNA has come up with the concept of building temporary shelter in all seven provinces in the country.

The structure will be meant for providing short-term shelter to those becoming homeless from natural disasters to other reasons, the NRNA said.

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