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PM’s press advisor slams Janata Samajbadi Party Nepal

Kathmandu, Aug 11

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli’s press advisor, Surya Thapa, has said the language used by the Janata Samajwadi Party Nepal (JSPN) against the Prime Minister is condemnable. Issuing a press note today, Thapa said the choice of words used by the JSPN in a press release it issued on Monday referring to the Prime Minister was discourteous, prejudiced, highly malicious and condemnable.

The PM’s press advisor referred to this in the JSPN’s press release in condemning it: “… KP Oli government does not have any concrete action plan and the Prime Minister is physically and mentally very weak…” Noting that political parties could criticize and protest the government making their views and differences explicit, Thapa said in the press note, adding, “However, serious objections have to be expressed against the slanderous, false, misleading and irresponsible language used against the President, the Prime Minister and the high office-holders, which is against the values and standards of a civilized society.”

Press advisor Thapa said this ‘lowly’ comment coming from a party in which people who have remained in responsible position of the state from time to time and who have also held the post of the Prime Minister and who like to introduce themselves as educated is only a malicious slander and showed mental bankruptcy.

“There are differences, dispute and disagreements in politics, and this is considered natural. Where does one reach by professing this level of uncivil culture just based on these differences? It would be for the benefit of the persons and sides concerned to take cognizance of this,” Thapa said.

Stating that only the people who cannot debate in terms of ideology, policy and programmes and who do not have other options, close their eyes and see only darkness and join in condemnation of the light when they cannot fulfil their vested interest, the PM’s press advisor said those who see the PM as an obstacle in fulfilling their vested interest have been doing so since the last six decades and they have been confined to history.

“It is amply clear that nobody achieves success by taking steps at others’ behest, wrong policy, ideology and attitude,” Thapa said in the press note.

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