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Festivals help cement social ties: Chief Minister Gurung

Pokhara, Aug 11

Chief Minister of Gandaki State government, Prithvi Subba Gurung has said the various religious and cultural festivals bolstered up relations among the community.

In a message of best wishes to all the Nepalis on the occasion of the cultural festival of the Gurung community, Tarhote, today, he said the diverse religious and cultural festivals of Nepal helped maintain social unity, goodwill and religious tolerance, thereby significantly contributing to further strengthening the national unity.

He believed that the festival of Tarhote would also foster mutual goodwill, social unity and brotherhood among all the Nepalis following various faiths and culture. The festival of Tarhote is celebrated by the Gurung community as Udhauli on the last Tuesday in the month of Chait and as Ubhauli on the last Tuesday in the month of Saun, organising various programmes.

This festival is celebrated wishing for a good harvest and protection from evil forces.

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