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Federal Parliament Secretariat returns badge pins to manufacturer

Kathmandu, Aug 19 :

The Federal Parliament Secretariat has returned the badge pin manufactured for it by the Cottage and Small Industries Office Lalitpur, citing problem in their shape and embellishment.

Issuing a press note today, Secretariat spokesperson Dr Rojnath Pandey stated that the badge pins have been returned to the Office on Tuesday for improvement and remaking after problems were found in their make and design. The press release states that the Office manufacturing the badge pins have committed to provide the products after redesigning by including the updated map of Nepal.

The Secretariat has stated that the existing image of the map of Nepal has been replaced by the new map and the words- Sanghiya Sansad Nepal (Federal Parliament of Nepal) have been incorporated in the latest design of the insignia of the Federal Parliament. The Federal Parliament Secretariat had on August 5 placed an order to the Office for manufacturing 350 units of the badge pin of the insignia worn by the Parliament officials and members.

The Office is under the Bagmati state government’s jurisdiction. Before this, the meeting of the House of Representatives and National Assembly’s business advisory committee had decided to revise the image of the map of Nepal in the parliament’s insignia in accordance with the updated political and administrative map of Nepal.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives and the Chairman of the National Assembly had endorsed this decision. Improvements are to be made after problems were found in the badge pin that had been manufactured as per this approval.

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