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China’s leader, Xi Jinping, arriving at the closing session of the National People’s Congress in May

Kathmandu, Aug 21:

Beijing pushes for loyalty in agencies A new Communist Party push to ensure loyalty has police officers, judges, prosecutors and feared state security agents across the country studying Mao’s methods for political purges in the 1940s. The officials have been ordered to “drive the blade in” and “scrape poison off the bone,” setting aside personal loyalties to expose any wayward colleagues.

Experts and recent Chinese studies say the leadership has struggled to manage its many-headed bureaucracy of police forces, security agencies, courts, prosecutors and prisons. “Root out ‘two-faced people’ who are disloyal and dishonest to the party,” Chen Yixin, a chief enforcer of the campaign, said at a kickoff meeting last month.

In the first week, 21 officials came under investigation for corruption and other abuses. Context: The campaign is shaping up as a sharp tool for the party leader, Xi Jinping, to increase domestic discipline as he faces rising tensions with the U.S. and other countries and prepares for a party congress in two years that will install a new cohort of central officials and, most likely, extend Mr. Xi’s time in power.

source– Nytimes

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