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CCMC’s Immaturity and People’s Destiny

At a time when questions regarding the performance of the central level COVID-19 Crisis Management Committee ( CCMC) are being raised, The district-level COVID-19 Crisis Management Center (CCMC) has recommended the government to impose prohibitory orders in Kathmandu valley. The joint meeting of chief district officers ( CDOs) and security chiefs of Kathmandu, Lalitpur, and Bhaktapur held yesterday came to the conclusion that unless the imposition of prohibitory orders in the Kathmandu valley the intensity of the pandemic would horrible and nothing could be done.

It is an irony that the central level COVID-19 Crisis Management Committee ( CCMC) ignored the suggestions of health experts and kept on counter-attacking the experts and critics and kept on adopting the reverse step in the initial phase.

The local authorities have sincerely told that they have not managed sufficient quarantines and isolation centers in their municipalities and wards. They don’t have their own hospitals so that they may provide primary treatment. Private hospitals seem to be not properly following government’s directives. Moreover, the government too has not assured them to cooperate them in its management to fight with the present crisis.

People are dying of other diseases having no proper treatment in hospitals. They are denied to admit even for their urgent treatment. Incidents of suicide and sexual abuse within the quarantines have mocked our management. Students are psychologically disturbed and the government has failed to come out with appropriate solutions to conduct the final exams.

School going children are really distressed with the uncertainty. Though the ministry of education has directed the schools to conduct online classes, it does not have a plan and mechanism to monitor whether the children from the nooks and corners of the country are really taking benefit of the virtual classes. Nobody knows whether they have internet access and computer or cell phones. How can the government make teachers engaging in schools more accountable and responsible for their profession?

Private boarding schools have their own story to share. Parents are not ready to enroll their children and pay the tuition fees. Teachers working in private schools, institutions, private and public colleges, part-time college teachers are facing an economic crisis as they are not getting their salary. Some of the private boarding schools can manage the adverse situation but maximum of them have no way out.

The ministry of education could not bring the representatives of the owners, teachers, and parents together and discuss the possible way out. The best way to resolve the problem is to provide a soft loan to the schools and schools should provide a salary on an installment basis.

Working-class people have been the most vulnerable section of the society as they are facing problems in handling their family expenses. They have not only lost jobs but also their hope. Nepalese workers in middles east countries are waiting at the airport for the rescue plane from Nepal.

The rate of suicide during this period is really horrible and post-pandemic conditions will be more vulnerable if the government does not pay timely attention to it. The multi-faceted impacts of the coronavirus can’t be easily predicted but the government should initiate impact analysis programs so that precaution may take at the earliest.

CCMC’s functioning can easily be understood by its immaturity in stopping chartered flights to rescue workers citing a lack of quarantines in the country. Should people rely on Pashupati Nath, the Aradhya, our cognate God forever?

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