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156 families displaced by monsoon-related disasters in Tanahu

Tanahu, Aug 3

One hundred and fifty-six households have been displaced by natural disasters triggered by monsoon in Tanahu, the district in Gandaki state.

Some of them have lost their homes to the disasters while some were forced to leave the houses due to a high risk of disaster. According to local government, the displaced families are taking shelter at neighbours’ homes, at community facilities and schools.

The incidents of landslide and flood occurred in the second week and third week of July forced them out of homes. Similarly, disasters had their implications on other several houses, may be in hundreds, it is said.

Three local levels: Rishing rural municipality, Byas municipality and the Myagde rural municipality, out of ten local levels in the district, report the physical as well as humanitarian losses in the disasters. In Myagde, 80 families have been displaced. Fifteen-year-old Laxmi BK of Myagde-6 had lost her life to the landslide.

As said by rural municipality vice chair Balkrishna Ghimire, locals are scared to stay homes during night as it continues to rain for days. They go to neighbours’ homes which seem relatively safer at night and get back to own homes in day.

Similarly, in Bandipur rural municipality, disasters send 16 families away of homes. Thirty houses were partially damaged by the landslide, rural municipality chair Purna Singh Thapa said. The displaced are taking shelter at neighbours’ homes. “ They have been given a monetary assistance of Rs 30,000 each.’’ Similarly, those facing a high risk of landslide and experiencing partial damages on their shelter have been provided Rs 10,000 each.

More, Rs 2,000 has been guaranteed for per ropani of paddy field damaged by the floods. In Devghat rural municipality, 15 families are staying in neighbours’ homes. Though the village reports no human casualty so far, the disasters had its larger implications on fruits and agricultural crops, according to chair Durga Bahadur Thapa.

In Shuklagandaki municipality, the disaster has displaced 13 families while 10 families at Bhanu municipality- 2 and 3 are forced to leave the home owing to a high risk of landslide. In Aabukhaireni rural-municipality, seven families have been evacuated to safety, according to chair Gir Bahadur Thapa. At Byas municipality, six families have been displaced from their homes while around 50 houses fall under the increased risk of disaster.

“ The municipality reports the deaths of five after being caught in the landslide.’’ In Rishing rural municipality, six families have been shifted to safety while five people were killed in the landslide at Bhaisikili of ward 8. Bhimad municipality mayor Mekh Bahadur Thapa said three families were displaced at the locality.

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