• 2 July, 2020 5:29 pm


Unexpected end of Parliament session: Predicament or party split decree?

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli, who is confronted with a predicament within the Ruling Nepal Communist Party CPN (Maoist), has called a sudden cabinet meeting on Thursday in the afternoon. However, one of the ministers who is participating in the meeting is unknown about the agenda of the cabinet.

During this various conflicts in the party, it is also said that the only agenda to end the parliamentary session has been tabled and passed without any discussion.

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli went to Sheetal Niwas before the cabinet meeting, this action, has created more doubts and confusions among all. However, Chief Personal Secretary of  the President, Dr. Bheshraj Adhikari, said that the Heads of Government were on regular meetings and the issues are relate to current affairs.

 After returning from Sheetal Niwas, the Prime Minister had proposed to end the convention in the cabinet meeting. The Prime Minister asked Law Minister Dr. Shivamaya Tumbahamphe if there is any business in the parliament?

Minister decided to recommend the President to end the Parliament session from 5 pm today , soon after Minister Tumbahamphe said that there is nothing much important issues and that some bills including citizenship were still in dispute the Prime.

This session of the parliament, which started on April 10, was to pass a bill on ratification of the MCC agreement, citizenship and civil service related bill.

As the government brusquely ended the parliamentary session, the MCC itself came to an end. After the Prime Minister suddenly decided to end the parliamentary session, Questions like such is being raised from inside as well as outside the party. In addition, Queries like ‘Didn’t the Prime Minister at any time pave the way for a favorable ordinance?’ have been provoking our mind.

With the end of the parliament session, Prachanda and Nepal group will not be allowed for the motion of no-confidence in the parliament even if they want to. Similarly, the way has been unlocked for Oli to bring an ordinance in his favor. If the dispute within the CPN (Maoist) is not resolved, Oli may use his power to bring an ordinance on the division of political parties or to impose a state of emergency.

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