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Trend of carrying out development construction activities in lasts month of year continues

Kathmandu 3 July: The trend of carrying out infrastructure development activities at the last month of fiscal year has not been stopped yet. A legal provision has been made for the approval of the budget of the three-tier of governments for construction of development infrastructure projects in the month of Asar of previous year. The quality on the development construction activities could not be maintained while carrying out such activities in the last few days before the conclusion of the fiscal year, but it is only a way of finishing off the allocated budget. Upgrading inner road from Thali to Planning of Mulpani has been started only from the last week of June.

Locals complained that there would be compromise on the quality while carrying out road upgrading task in monsoon. A local Shreeram Sapkota said that they have been facing different problems like being injured after falling in the muddy road as well as in their movement while carrying out road upgrading task during incessant rainfall.

Though the locals have asked the construction company to maintain quality, the company has turned deaf ears toward local’s demand. Mayor of Kageshwori-Manahara municipality Krishna Hari Thapa said that development activities at the contract of Infrastructure Development office under the Physical Infrastructure Development Ministry of Bagmati state government are being carried out. He also said that the municipality has also requested the construction company not to put gravel in the rainfall. According to the municipality, it becomes delay to carry out development construction activities due to various and lengthy processes.

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