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serious question has stood before us – MK Nepal

Kathmandu : ‘Comrade Pushpa Lal had said, “Communist party is the pioneer  party of proletariat class” and it should transform Nepalese society and lead it to the direction of socialism”.  The same responsibility has come to the shoulder of communist party at present. We have faced many ups and downs in this course and many people have presented unprecedented examples of devotion, penance, and sacrifice. They have inspired new warriors to move ahead. A new ray of hope has been irrigated through  the issues of nationalism, democracy, and livelihood.

Nepal Communist party has stood on the front line of nation’s politics and people have expected much from it. It was their trust that they gave it almost two third of majority in the election. Today’s question is whether we can fulfill their hope and aspirations. Have we been actively working to fulfill their aspirations?  We claim, we are doing our level best, but the question emerges whether they are fulfilled. What is the general impression of people? What are the feelings, actions, and reactions of people? Are we paying attention to them? Are we listening their innermost heart? A serious question has stood before us.  

Are party organizations active to understand the feelings and desire of the people? Are party workers mobilized or not? It is essential to seriously think and realize on such issues. Have we been able to fulfill our responsibilities well? It is essential to carry its institutional and individual review. But the question comes whether we are carrying review. Are we escaping the review? Are we intending to escape lively discussions and debate? Are we intending to impose our individual judgement upon others? Such questions have come before us.

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We have also experienced a lot coming through different annals of long communist movement. Certainly, leaders of the first generation have historical contribution to lead the communist movement ahead. The second, third and new generations have honestly fulfilled their responsibilities.

We should view the forthcoming challenges in this context. It is essential to correctly identify and evaluate the problems in thought, organization, working style, conduct and class behavior. No one can lead communist movement to dismissal even if he wishes. The communist party that had been integrated once had become split while coming to 1965. The second generation had taken initiation that time when the first generation could not do. The second generation of communist party played a significant role in leading and integrating communist movement. It integrated even the first generation and moved it forth.

In case this second generation can’t perform its role, the third and succeeding generation will not observe silence and should not do so. There is no need to remain hopeless. No one remains as someone’s slave. No one can remain merely cursing his destiny.

Nepalese people’s as well as our lives have future only in this movement. The future of those who have well wishes towards communist party underlies in this movement. Therefore, there is no question of cursing one’s own destiny. With that self-confidence we should move forth. Policy and thought not an individual and family remain important for the movement. New leaders are created with that policy and thought. There can be discussions and debate in policy and thought. If law is observed, the issue of thought can be settled. If law is observed, organization can be activated.  Doing so, every issue can be given a momentum and taken to the process.,

There will remain nothing except the incineration and deviation of a person if he considers himself to be the state, considers to be the most superior one and tries to keep him at the center considering others meaningless except him and finally starts to move forth with the feeling of arrogance. Lets come out and be saved if anyone of us has plunged into such a view and tendency. Still we have time, though it is getting late. 

Lets correct us ourselves for the sake of the wellbeing of communist movement. Lets move forth with new chapter and be transformed. lets think to let the new generation work in well thought and organized manner to lead the movement and communist party considered to be the pledge of Nepalese people. Lets not exhibit foolishness to end the movement along with personal end. This is my noble intention and best wishes. I trust no one will do such a foolish act. You have worry whether communist party will be split. It will not be split. If someone tries to split it,  a negligible piece will be crumbled. However, Communist Party will not split.

There are people among us who shiver merely because the media told NCP would split. There is no need to be afraid of it. We have done a lot to take it to new height. We should lead communist party forth with the promise and determination of doing good for its sake. No doubt, communist party and the movement will move ahead. There might be people with positive and negative attitudes and thoughts. There is no need to follow those who create illusion and spread mis- propaganda and there is no need to be emotional in such cases.

We have moved us ahead with your  full trust on us. You also should be equally aware of the possible betrayal from any one of us. We have received an opportunity now to take this movement to a new height. Our people have bestowed upon us the  responsibility in different levels of the government. We must be serious to fulfill the responsibility for the implementation of our thought and policy for happy Nepali, prosperous Nepal. Which model of socialism and economic policy do we intend to follow and what sort of culture do we intend to provide? We should do for the same. We must lead the action, behavior, and thought. Others can’t do as we do in Nepalese politics. Only Nepal Communist party can do. We should lead that legacy skillfully. We should have devotion, promise, and penance as we had during war time. War time renunciation/devotion should not be forgotten at a time when we are ruling. Unless we have the same devotion and penance, our movement goes no where but towards dissolution. We should honestly obey the responsibility bestowed upon us by people. 

We are making our utmost effort to resolve problems surfaced within our party through discussions. For us,  not an individual but law, policy, and system are the major issues. Our party has initiated the principle of Leninism to make common decision on the ground of this law and system and follow. All should internalize and follow the decision of majority considering it to be the decision of the party. There is no concession to anyone to defy the decision of majority. All will have this sense. Lets us all think responsibly in this context. Lets not consider oneself as an inevitable one. Lets move ahead rectifying our personal weakness considering the importance of our intellect, wisdom, skill, ability, qualification and roles.

(Views Presented by NCP senior leader, Madhav  Nepal in a program of Puspala Memorial Day, 24 July 2020, in his own word.

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