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Saune Sankranti throughout the country

Kathmandu, June 16:

Today is the 1st of Sharawan ( a Nepali Month) . This is also known as Saune Sankranti. Saune Sankranti is being celebrated all over the country. Since, the Sun enters Cancer from today, it is also called Cancer Equinox (Karkat Sankaranti ).

Through out the month of Ashad, farmers work in mud and muddy water. Therefore, in the belief of flinging away the mud, dirty water and diseases, from their body – in evening , people especially farmers worship the Kandarak monster, they burn the leaves of Kurilo (herb) and Titepati (herb) with fruits, and throw luto (a disease ) with the burning agultho (Fire). People, observe this festival by blowing a conch, hitting Nanglo, ringing bells as per tradition.

In this day, we, Nepalese , have a tradition of calling married daughter in her home town . And they are fed with various kinds of delicious food items and sweets.

From today, married women wear a symbol of good fortune (Green and yellow- bangles, clothes and so on) throughout the month.

Devotees go to Shiva temples like Pashupatinath Temple throughout the month of Shrawan.  Each Monday of this month is considered as the day of god Shiva. Therefore, on this day , especially married women worship lord Shiva and take fast whole day long.

As the sun moves from the north to the southern hemisphere, the day will get shorter and the night will get longer from today.

Due to this Corona Pandemic, people are celebrating Saune Sankranti in their respective houses this year .

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