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Prachanda accuses Oli for registering party as CPN-UML

Kathmandu, July 24:

Chairman of the Nepal Communist Party (CPN) Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has said that the party is in crisis at the moment. Prachanda has accused Prime Minister and another Chairman KP Oli of being involved in registering a party named CPN-UML.

Speaking at a program organized on the occasion of the 42nd Pushpalal Memorial Day, Prachanda says the members in the party could not follow rules, regulations and idea ology of the party.

There has been intra party dispute within Nepal Communist Party (CPN) for a couple of months in various issues. One of the main issues is- PM Oli should be holding one chair with one Position rather than one person two positions. Prachanda’s overall ideas on the program seems to be relevant and worthwhile if we consider these issues of intra party disputes with in the CPN.

Chairman Prachhanda further has said that many problems have started appearing gradually within the party. He has said that the party has not been able to run according to the mandate of unity between the then CPN(UML) and CPN ( Maoist Centre).  Since, the party has to run with collective leadership and individual responsibilities. Prachanda, however, has said that he believes that the party will not split.

He obliquely has blamed the Prime Minister of making group who are loyal to him to step forward for the protests across the country in his favor.

 Similarly, Prachanda has said that he is in favor of continuous unity and harmony to save the party from disintegration.

However, he has said that there was no need for to be frustrated over the split of the party to the leaders and other members in the party. Moreover, he adds that the discussions are going on against the unity of the party.

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