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The union between the commander of people’s war , Prachanda , a leader who had been to 14 yearlong exile to forest and the other and the commander of Jhapa peasants rebellion , KP Sharma Oli, a leader who had been in a prison for 14 years , changed the course of movement. Just contrary to Prachanda who has no habit of planning, the leader of the claimer who proceeds ahead, in his own word, ‘ contemplating and thinking every issue . What type of person is he? 

Retrieved almost from the mouth of death, many discussions have been underway after KP Sharma Oli became the prime minister of Nepal. Who is KP Sharma Oli? Did he have a plan to be the prime minister of Nepal and the chairperson of the largest ruling communist party? To reach the answer of these questions we should view his past, habit, and conduct. 

Philosophically man’s birth is considered to be an accidental coincidence. On the other side politics is a game run amidst/in possibility. Only very limited numbers of people involved in politics succeed where as an average people have dissatisfaction. A large portion of politics spares their lives amidst failure and repressed desire. There are divergent opinions regarding who became successful in perspective to the history of course of the foot prints of modern politics from Bhim Sen Thapato the present. There can be a debate regarding which one is the successful, one who reaches to the highest post or the perception of one’s individual achievements. However, to reach the apex of the concerned field of the society is considered to be the indicator of success. But this is not certainly all and everything. 

There might not be unanimous opinion on the issue of who is the successful and unsuccessful leader among communist party leaders in the political history of Nepal between 1950 and 2018. Analyzing comparativelythe contemporary circumstance including context, Nepal communist party, as soon as it reached to 13 years, became compelled to face split, division, allegations- counter allegations along with the legacy of being the follower of other forces. KP Sharma Oli received the responsibility and opportunity to unite communist movement reaching the core of such type of despair and dejected mentality. Oli claims that it was not due to a coincidence as Prachanda very often evaluates himself , it happened as a guided/directed plan( Oli: 2075). We should observe Oli’s past to identify to what extent his claim is right or it is simply an exaggeration of the credit of success. 


I had an innermost longing to know about Oli. In a separate context from March, 2016 to Sep, 2017, I had a long talk /conversation with Oli at least 1 and half hours to five hours a day. Form my conversation I came to know that Oli is fundamentally a different man than other leaders. Following is the excerpt of our conversation. 

Oli had reached near to the communist movement as the output of his rebellious habit before drawing a clear sketch about what to be in the future in the mentality during life’s infancy. In the year 1972 Oli had been the second secretary of District committee Jhapa formed after the rebellion from / revolting from East Koshi regional committee. At a time when he was only 21 years old he went to his political contemporary ,Madhav Nepal’s Rautahat based house through Morang in course of Jhapa movement and made his shelter there for some time.Mohan Chandra Adhikari who had disappeared from Jhapa during helter- skelter / flight had been searched in India and brought to Nepal and sheltered for some time in a teacher’s house in Rautahat. Oli was arrested from that house in 1973 at the age of 22 (Nepal: 2075). 

Oli had been charged being involved in revolt against the country and destructive activity. For during his 14 yearlong imprisonments no one even his family members visited him and enquired of his condition. His grandmother, however, had met him, who had been facing severe torture and isolation, at Central prison, Kathmandu after 8 years. 

Panchayaeti administration had kept him in the isolation of Golghar17 for 4 years and transferred to 9 different prisons labeling him as the most dangerous rebel. In course of transferfrom one prison to the other Oli had met Ganesh Timilsena, currently chairman of 

the national assembly and the then activist of ANNFSU18at Kaski prison. Timilsena recalls, ‘Always reading , Oli was lean and thin , but sharp and logical in terms of thought and ideology. Oli used to teach English Grammar to BA students in the prison( Timilsena:2018). 

Oli had passed only SLC as a formal education but Oli recalls, ” All the available books in the central prison were read/studied. Most probably there might be books being underlined with pencil in the beginning and with pencil later( Oli: 2018). 

Oli who was born in Iba-2, Terahthum on 11thFagun 2008 had been an orphan after he lost mother at the early age. That was why he had learnt to face adverse situation from his childhood days. Oli family had migrated to Jhapa in 2020 and after a small plot of land was swept in a flood , KP Oli had sheltered in the house of Communist leader, Ram NathDahal separated from his family during his adolescence . Dahal is the martyr killed during Jhapa revolt. 


Oli who had passed his most energetic life from 22 to 36 years age had become the central committee member in 1987 immediately after his release from the prison. Before his arrest he had not met Madan Bhandari. But he had met Madhav Nepal in Morang( Nepal: 2018).Oli used to send party policy and plan to the party in written form. He had met Madan Bhandari in his Patanbasedrented room immediately after his release. Recalling his meeting Oli says, “There had been similarity between what I used to send from the prison and that Madan Bhandari used to forward in the party. In our first meeting he seemed to be abnormally sharp and efficient speaker ( Oli : 2018) . On the arrangement of party Oli married an 8 year younger Newari girl employed to/in a bank. Radhika Shakya, Oli’s better half , did involve in the bank job from 1979 to 2011 Pokhrel: 2018). He did not have to bear the family responsibility due to that reason. 

Oli’s organizational capacity was tested when he became the in-charge of Lumbini zone during the people’s movement of 2046. During the fifth national convention of the then 60 

CPN ( ML) held in 1989, Oli stood in support of Madan Bhadari’s pluralism. Madan Bhadari gave the responsibility to Oli to form a separate organization that could unite the youth across the nation as per the party policy. At the age of 39 Oli became the founder chairman of Democratic National Youth Organization, DNYO, a sister organization of CPN, ML formed at organizing youths. 


Madan Bhadari forwarded the proposal to adopt the course of multiparty competition after the political change in 1989/90. His proposal not only invited all-round debate/dispute but also attack on him. Dispute between Oli and Bhandari brewed after the publication of Madan Bhandari’s ‘ On Multiparty Democracy’ aimed at providing intellectual diet to those who visited their birth place during Dashain festival. Oli questioned Madan, ” Nothing is visible for which class of people does this multi party democracy mean? But what happened if Madan had essence. On the other hand ,Madhav Kumar Nepal had advanced a middle course of ‘ Multiparty new democracy’ only to pacify all ranks and file of the party. 5 divergent opinions emerged with in then UML, Madan Bhandari , Oli, Madhav Nepal, CP Mainali and Mohan Chandra represented these 5 opinions. At the end after Oli opined to use ‘ People’s Multiparty Democracy’ instead of Multiparty Democracy , that became the official party line( Oli: 2018). 

Oli was the spokesperson of People’s multiparty democracyline presented by Madan Bhandari on the fifth national convention in 1992 with the pre-consent of Oli(Rimal :2018). Leaders who were firmly standing in favour of the line of People’s multiparty democracy were KP Oli, Bam Dev Gautam ,Jeeba Raj Ashrit including others whereas Mohan Chandra Adhikari and CP Mainali were the proposers of traditional line of new democracy. Other senior leaders seemed to be in between, however, the mjority of the convention hall had endorsed the proposal of People’s multiparty democracy. 

Oli had been elected as the member of house of representative from Jhapa in the general election 2048. After the unexpected demise of Madan Bhandari , the rank and file of the party had imposed pressure upon Oli to be the general secretary . However, Oli didn’t haste for the post and proposed Madhav Nepal for the post stating that he was the second senior

leader in the party ranking. (Rimmal:2018). Oli is of the understanding that they had to do that exactly otherwise, it would have been difficult to control the party( Oli:2017). 

The dispute surfaced during the sixth convention of CPN held in 1997 was basically between KP Oli and Bam Dev Gautam. Gautam had tabled all the documents on behalf of leaders with differed opinion where as KP Oli had himself writtentactical proposal entitled People’s Multiparty Democracy representing the institutional side. 

During the sixth convention the inner most dispute was centered on who was to be the general secretary Oli or Gautam after Madhav Nepal went back, although outer issues like Nationalism and Mahalkali treaty had been surfaced at the convention hall. There had not been only dispute of thought/ideology in sixth convention but also a personality clash. The relation between the leaders had been bitter and there had been extreme ambition among the leaders. The main issues on which contradictory opinions surfaced between the majority side and minority side forwarded in the convention were Mahakali treaty, viewing attitude towards America and India( Adhikari :2007,331). 

The act of forcibly dismissing the post of working leaders and the differing opinion seen during the sixth convention are the reasons on the background behind the tragic incident occurred after the convention(Adhikari:2007,332). According to Bharat Mohan Adhikari Bam dev Gautam was appointed as the deputy general secretary ,creating the post illegally , to facilitate the party activities after Man Mohan Adhikari , the then general secretary of the party , led minority government was formed in 1994. This incidence increased Gautam’s ambition and immediately after the government failed Gautam’s post too was forcibly dismissed and naturally this incident brewed a sense of revenge in Gautam. 

Subjectively the dispute was centered on the question ‘ what does the party line of storage of the strength mean?’ Madhav Nepal had been the general secretary of the party in 2054 after KP Oli proposed him to let him work for whole tenure for being elected in the convention. 

Bam Dev Gautam and his nearest leaders split UML and formed CPN, ML on 5 March, 1998. Oli and Bam Dev met together at Gautam’s residence after one month of the party split. Gautam became ready to return back to UML but the issue of his return was spoiled / interrupted after Madhav Nepal informed it to Pradip Nepal who met Bam Dev and clarified that he wouldn’t let him return back without his consent( Rimal:2018). 


The understanding that KP Sharma Oli had regarding UML split in 1997 and existing Maoist People’s war proved to be true in course of time. Oli had told, ” Bam Dev and his close aids will receive zero seat in the election’. But it blows UML a lot’. At that time the influence of Maoist had been extending and it was in the position of ‘fame’ raising the social issues. In such a condition UML will have an immense loss if Bam Dev is not persuaded. We will be defeated in the election too. Most of the activists with revolutionary character will join Maoist and Oli’s plan was to stop it coaxing Bam Dev ( Rimal: 2018).But the campaign to coax him could not succeed. The electoral result came to be true as Oli had surmised.Gautam’s party faced a shameful defeat and gets swept awaywhere as Nepali congress won the majority. From that juncture largest number of UML cadres joined Maoist. Oli’s farsightedness proved to be true in that context too


Oli had a conclusion bout Maoist revolt in around 1997. ‘Such revolt’s average age is ten years. Such revolts either end or destroyed but such revolts do not last long'(Rimal:2018). Oli was of the view that such revolts may exist as national problem and should dealt politically. Before that the effort of the then deputy prime minister and home minister Bam Dev Gautamto introduce the Terrorist and Destructive Activities bill in July 1997 had been derailed due to KP Oli’s protest though it had been decided in the UML standing committee. 

Oli used to criticize the opponents vehemently from the public forum. But he used to be engaged to find the solution internally. Feeling surprised Oli reveals, “How can a man who kept on insisting for the political dealings with Maoist be strong opponent of Maoist and a person who wanted to finish them introducing Terrorist and Destructive Activities bill their friend ? Oli consoled him thinking that such incidence may happen in the history ( Oli:2018).  

Despite Oli did not get opportunity to lead the 2005/6 movement, his background role demolished monarchy. Oli was the one who had drafted 12 point agreement that became the main key to abolish monarchy. Had Oli not stood in favour of collaboration with Maoist, that agreement would have been impossible. 

During the ten years of the beginning of peace process Oli appeared to be a strict critic of Maoist. At a time when no one could speak against Maoist, Oli’s sharp criticism had made him popular in one side and the other side it had presented him as a villain. After Maoist came to peace process Oli, with the conclusion of unity with Maoist, deputed BishnuPaudel to materialize the unity. 

Oli had tabled a proposal to commence party’s internal democracy through multi-post system in the 7th convention of CPN, UML held in 2002 ( Rimal and Bhattarai :2016) , however, it was stopped due to the dispute with Madhav Nepal side but it was endorsed in 8th convention held in 2008. Oli reached to a defensive space when JhalaNathKhanal became the party chairman coincidently after Madhav Kumar resigned after 2007 general election and during Gyanendra’s coup. That time he remained busy in his groups’ consolidation of strength. Not only UML faced a severe blow /shock in the general election held in 2007 but Oli was defeated in the election. Immediately he reacted,’ Constitution won’t be promulgated from this CA’. And it happened so ultimately. After the second CA election Oli reacted,’ This CA will promulgate constitution’. Finally, new constitution was promulgated on 20 Sep, 2015 as result of the 16 point agreement reached among the political parties on 8 June, 2015, with the consent of Maoist. 

Suffered from tuberculosis in the prison Oli has been fighting against kidney disease since 2063. He had set a goal to be the chairperson of his party and executive head of the nation in around 1997. Once in course of our conversationOli had told me, “I honestly move forward. But if someone challenge me unnecessarily, I become foolish sometimes and when I feel my foolishness has overcome me, I keep silence and stop. But sometimes foolishness wins. At such time I contest. Such incidence has occurred in my life a few time (Oli: 2016). Moving forward falling and rising, Oli succeeded to gain unexpected power.  

Oli contested for the post of party chairman in 8th convention held in 2008 but got defeated; however, he did not lose the courage. He became party chairman from the 9th convention held on 15 July, 2015 amidst the propaganda considered to be on the verge of his life defeating MadhavKumarNepal.Madhav Nepal, who had almost monopolistically led the party for 16 years, turned to be the contestant of Oli in the convention but got defeated. Oli was unable to read well the paper that he was holding in his hand but kept on speaking verbally. Later when asked why he did not read the written paper, his response was because he could not see (Gnawali: 2017). PradipGnawalirecalls,”Oli who keeps on fighting up to the last breath without losing courage is the most resolute leader among the contemporary leaders. 

The way to the post of chairman had already been paved in favourof Oli after he won the election of the leader of parliamentary party in February,2014.It had been considered to be the toughest task to be elected as the leader of parliamentary party that time because Madhav Nepal faction had also joined the then party chairman JhalaNathKhanal faction. Oli had to be the parliamentary party leader as his thought line was established in the party and the same happened. Immediately after the declaration of new constitution Oli became the prime minister for the first time on 10 Oct, 2015 with the backing /support of Maoist chairman , Prachanda. Along Oli’s journey of ascendance to the power there is a strange coincidence. Oli who came to the power with the support of Prachanda, was expelled from the power being defeated on the process of voting in the parliament while facing no confidence motion proposed by Prachanda on 7 August, 2016. Around with in one and half years Oli-Prachanda not only succeeded to merge UML but also succeeded to bring back Oli to the power. In this way the word’ Prachanda’ in Oli’s life has played significant role to following him in his incline and decline politically. 

It has been once again proved that politics does not move along the straight line. Oli tightly grasped the style of Prachanda who always intends to explain politics as the game of possibility. He not only not only created/formed a united party but also seized the nation in opposition’s sight. To reach this destination Oli kept on planning continuously and advancing ahead.

Refuting the allegation imposed upon UML to have haste to reach the power and always needs powerOli used to say,” UML never goes to the government/power throw a back door/wicket -gate”. It does need to go through a window. It will enter through election , through the main door( ABC News : 29 June, 2017). 

During a long conversation with me in march, 2017 at his residence Oli had reiterated that he had the habit of moving forth with well-thought plan. While going out of the power in July, 2016 Oli , during his parliamentary address had signaled that he would very soon change the contemporary political course and said, ” We are also in the parliament. This not the end of time , the game is going on’. Exactly what he had told became true as he not only did change the game with in one year , but also made those who were happy during his outing from the post of Prime minister mourn for the loss of power. 

Oli had promised to merge /unite with Maoist analyzing the possible course to lead the country towards socialism after the constitution adopted its course( Oli: 2018). 

In course of the long conversation with the author Oli had narrated his long experience nostalgically. He had presented many examples of about his habit of always moving forward patiently formulating plan. As his weakness he had narrated some of the incidents defeated by his foolishness. Very interestingly he told,” I stop whenever I feel foolishness lagging behind me during making decision.But sometimes I recognize my foolishness after the action has been spoiled/deteriorated ( Oli: 2016). While doing so people very often consider me as uttering such retort in a whim but I always speak in a well thought manner. Oli puts counter question, If someone replies promptly, does it satisfy him simply surrendering ? 

People know him/recognize him according to their own interest and understanding. Most of the people have notion that Oli can’t speak without using proverbs. I had around one and half hours long interview with Oli at night on 11 May,2017. During the course of our interview Oli didn’t even use a single proverb. It was around 11 PM at night . My wife ,Sharada , in joking style, told, ” Uncle we could not listen any proverb this night ? ” Laughingly he answered, I was well aware of the person with whom I had been talking’. I became completely spellbound. Oli is a leader who can understand human sensibility well.


The leader of Russian Revolution , V.I. Lenin had written an essay entitled, ‘ Friends, lets learn to dream’. The essence of the appeal is not be hopeless under any situation. Since society keeps on changing, the life of a man cannot always be in pain/grief anguish. Change is sure to happen/ occur. Exactly , in the same manner , because of KP Oli, the issue of dream remained a subject of intense discussion in Nepali politics after he became the Prime minister. Oli for the first time forwarded strange appearing issues like, Nepali operates/runs ship, runs east west electric trains , and gas cylinder should not be carried on the head but pipe lines are joined at the kitchen and when turned on the button Gas stove burn. While telling these publically , Oli was ridiculed , however, Oli was not ridiculed. He advanced ahead to materialize his dream. 

After Oli became the prime minister for the second time , important government mechanisms have been working to run ship and train. The trail gas line has been started from Morang. In response to have distributed the dream Oli opines, ” My duty is to awaken the unconscious dreams and increase trust over them, and let everybody try to materialize their trust through which development of society and country can be made possible. I did try that much and that must be done(Rimal and Bhattarai:2018). I adopted a thought not because to seek if there is something wrong towards that, I can be insistent a bit after I owned that , I can keep prejudice . I never think if there is something wrong somewhere (ibid:404). Oli a man of firm resolution opines ,’ we should renounce the habit of blaming others for what we did”. 

Physical element sans sense has its own unfeeling /lifeless religions and rules . I am not such an unfeeling one. However, I never become so much anguished /affected from happiness, intoxication or extreme joy and sorrow . I do not become happy when I become Prime minister and do not become sad when leaving the chair. Worry and perplexity do not suffer me in normal life too. I work thinking and calculating and once I do, its finished ( ibid).His life’ s struggle has justified this expression. 

The issue of dream or we may call it future plan too. Oli’s firmness regarding dream is still the same. We can forward development activities in accordance to our country and geo-circumstance. We can make modern Nepal, prosperous Nepal, and pleasant Nepal of happy Nepali. That is my dream. Every individual has dream. Our ancestors invented/discovered an element,that happiness. Humanbeing wants happiness. After the unity between two party , in Oli’s word, Oli travelling in a jet plane didn’t commit mistake in seeing the reality of country merging tune with his co-warrior , Prachnda and we can hope our country to take the course of political stability and economic prosperity. 


KP Oli had begun Mechi-Kali campaign during the summer in 2073 after he was ousted from the power to revitalize the party and to prepare the impending election and after completing festivities. On that context I had asked him, ” Do you think , your stance and attitudes you have been expressing in such a geopolitical condition of Nepal may harmonize the relationship with neighboring country especially India? 

With a long background Oli , in conclusion, had said,” seeking any solution now does not work anyway. The sense of national dignity that has been awakened among Nepali people is really very important. Therefore, all the spoiled relations prior to this will automatically come to the track if I win or UML wins the election. Otherwise , I am resolute to be ready to face long challenges. However, my effort will be to win the election and to lead the nation forward harmonizing the relations with our neighboring countries. Before Oli’s reply I asked , ” Do you think UNL alone can win/secure the majority in the forthcoming election at the present situation? No, I mentioned the conclusion of what might happen. For that purpose we have to do lot. But leftist should win the majority in the election. 

What Oli had drawn conclusion regarding the relationship with India during the summer in 2073 turned to be exactly same in 2017. The forces that were awaiting to show their power in case the left parties won the majority, instead of studying document of diplomatic protocols , had rushed to Kathmandu to have Oli’s audience. Then after not only Oli’s India visit accomplished but also Modi’s counter courtesy tour to Janakpurdham , LumbiniandMuktinath ended with chanting prayer. Organizing BIMSTIK meeting in Kathmandu after 21 years of its establishment , Oli succeeded to bring 6 nations and head of the government to Nepal apart from Modi.


To make children effective quotations, poem, references of legends, proverbs, and folk stories are used. References from Sanskrit literature used to come in Madan Bhandari’s speech. During the whole Maoist People’s war Prachnda and Babu Ram’s expressions used to be laden with the quotations related to the philosophers like Karl Marx, Lenin , and Mao used to be applied to justify that their policy was right. 

In KP Oli’s speech or expressions pure Nepali terminology and imagery are being abundantly applied/used. On this basis some of the people name him UkhaneBaje19. Some of the proverbs used by him after Maoist join peace process were targeted to his own party and Maoist. 

 You can’t claim the Pipal tree to be disappeared when it is covered underneath the foliage of AgeratinaAdenoophora(forest killer). UML is Pipal tree, Maoist is the weed known as forest destroyer. After Pipal becomes tree the forest destroyer automatically vanishes. 

 Merely a large shape like that of a swollen Balloon does not have meaning; it should have appropriate weight too. No sooner had the Rukmangad named splinter poked than the air leaked. Maoist is only anumbrella shapedmushroom; large drop of rain during Bhadra damages it. 

 Lean and thin elephant can’t be accommodated in a sack nor a rat can be an elephant after it becomes fat 

 Maoist is nothing more than boiling milk . When two kilos of boiling milk can fil a pot which can adjust 4 kilo. They are under an illusion of their real number. 

 Butterfly is developed from Caterpillar but it can’t be called butterfly.Caterpillar is caterpillar and butterfly is butterfly. We make butterfly and leave it and only then we will call it butterfly. Maoist is caterpillar, not a butterfly. Simply thinking that it will be transformed from extremist to left party in the future, we can’t call it a leftist right now. Whenever we succeed to transform it into real leftist, that we will call it Maoist.  

 We support Maoist to form a government under its leadership and advise them to function through consultation. It denied our suggestions not to jump, fall, run, and to look the ground. It fell being entangled around its leg. 

 No matter how stoutly grows a son, he can’t ignore him as his guardian.UML brought Maoist up to this space. Let Maoist not consider our criticism to rectify it as a protest/an objection. 

 If someone asks to buy a bag for him, it can be bought. Being not satisfied with it may demand for an elephant and that may also be bought. But what to do if he demands the elephant be put in a bag. 

 The hero hugs the heroin in a film. Wraps under his arm, heroin sobs, both of them sob and, the film ended and why do they fall in love? Hero goes to the east and heroin to the west. No matter how much we try to maintain UML-Maoist relation. But its like that of hero and hero. 

 It has not ashamed me to see a naked bull. 

 We should enter the process whether we reach the agreement or not. Can the constitution be promulgated from Ratna Park ignoring the leagal way Interim constitution and elected constituent assembly? 

 Should we start to fight against extremists and rightist as directed by People’s Multiparty Democracy or simply wrangle on how beautify it putting on Tika, Kajal, and lipsticks ? 

 Is it fine if we only boast and take pride in our two- third majority? Our field has drought of water, moreover, money is being attracted/terrorizing it . should we be happy to see uncle’s ripen ? 

 As “ParopakarayaPunyaya, Papaya Para Peedanam” or’Helping others is virtue,hurting others is unbecoming’ is the essence of 18 Puranas , UML’s current conclusion is Maoist’s rectification. But to rectify Maoist has been a difficult task. If we feed the medicine it does not swallow, keeps in the mouth for some time, and vomits looking back and through. What should we dothen? 

Finally Maoist begged medicine with UML and swallowed itself and became ready to transform and rectification of the overall aim of Maoist movement and rebellion. Along with the leftist alliance party unity between UML and Maoist forged. In due course of time Oli’s aforementioned imageries remained quite effective and the application of these imageries took immense volume in Nepali literature and it took Oli to the apex. The height of Prachanda who were seen adjacent to Oli too didn’t decrease. Prachanda received an opportunity to become a champion of overall political transformation and the safe lander of movement. Oli once again gave it an example ‘ Were we driving a tempo that needs only one driver? This is the jet plane for which two captains are essential. From 3rdJeth 2075 Oli and Prachanda became the co-chair of Communist Party of Nepal. In this manner/way the two characters of Coincidence and plan have come to stand at one place in due course of time. 

source : Author’s book- THE SAFE LANDING (19).

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