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North Korea supports Chinese people, CPC against US aggression: Ambassador

North Korean Ambassador to China Ji Jae-ryong voiced full support and solidarity with the Chinese people and the Communist Party of China (CPC) and their resistance to US interference in China’s internal matters, such as Hong Kong affairs, to safeguard the country’s national sovereignty and territorial integrity. 

The US has been making provocative remarks against China on economy, science and technology, security, human rights and diplomacy, which pushed China-US relations to the extreme, the senior North Korean diplomat told the Global Times.

The US has openly smeared the CPC and the country’s socialist system especially this year, constantly agitating China-US relations, which turned into a confrontation of ideologies and systems, he said. 

This shows that the US feels its hegemonic position is threatened by the development of China and the strengthening of socialism, he noted.

“Therefore, the US tried to undermine the Chinese people’s trust in the CPC, interfere in China’s internal affairs, such as Hong Kong affairs and cross-Straits relations, and preach the “Jasmine revolution” in China, in order to disintegrate and disrupt socialist China.”

The Chinese people under the leadership of the CPC have built socialism with Chinese characteristics that is prosperous and progressing, the ambassador said.

The strategic achievements that the Chinese people have attained in battling the COVID-19 epidemic cannot be won without the Party’s correct judgment and leadership. 

“We express our full support and solidarity with the Chinese people and the CPC in their efforts to resist US interference and arbitrariness and to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity,” Ji said.

North Korea will fight side by side with the Chinese people as always to claim the ultimate victory of the great cause of socialism, the ambassador said. 

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