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NCP’s Option: Overt discussions, self -criticism and unity in new ground

Kathmandu 2 July: Ongoing NCP standing committee has taken new mode on Wednesday at a time when the political market was getting hot with accusations and counter accusations. The spirit of party unity forged in 2018 is to run the party and the government with dense dialogue, discussion, and consensus of two chairmen.

In comparison to the major and minimum guidelines, other issues are subsidiary. However, this issue has remained as subsidiary for the six months of party unity and the trouble has been entangling more. The situation that had been worsen after PM Oli blamed India and party leaders for trying to throw him out of the power on 28 June has been calmed coming to the standing committee meeting held on 1 July, 2020. Although the situation appeared to be heading towards getting controlled after responsible secretariat members urged for dense dialogue and consensus between two chairmen, the situation of noncommunication between the duos for their one to one dialogue is the signal of incomprehensible situation. 

Main leadership is needed to have self-criticized overtly along with  the commitment to rectify their personal weakness as the second edition of last 2 May, 2020. Accordingly, the leadership should be ready to follow the decision and direction of party committee. The main leadership should not commit mistakes to cherish the illusion that standing committee members always keep on sticking around permanent factionalism.

Obviously, the views expressed in the party committee should not be looked through prejudiced eyes being a communist party ,though only in name, because party committee is the only place where communist party leaders can express their views freely. If main leadership becomes ready to self- criticize overtly, standing committee will be ready to forgive all the weakness at the cost of saving party unity. But if the trend to be happy in the maze of majority and minority, personal arrogance , and valorization of charisma is not controlled, no one can stop the impending accident and ruin of the party.

Though glorious moments come time and again in the history, all moments can’t be equally glorious. Only five leaders had founded Nepal Communist party. That incident was glorious in itself. Did Oli and Prachanda not get the same  opportunity to really feel glorious? It is sure that history will insult the leaders if they miss the opportunity that had baffled the whole world by NCP’s influence and power at a time the communist movement had waning from the world.

It is true that fame and disgrace stand side by side and the challenge to chose between them always stands before the leadership. That is why Marxism has been considered as the social science that does concrete analysis of concrete condition. Our two-year long experience has clarified that the selection of two chairmen is the main crux of the dispute in present day NCP. The present crisis might not have surely brewed had Oli and Prachnada become ready to handle the party and the government separately. There are innumerable examples in maximum of the democratic countries that have separate executive head of the state and party chairman. Moreover, NCP must have only one chairman in the context of the complexity of party unity and present-day crisis in the country. Constitutionally there is a provision of an executive head of the state. There will no one’s defeat if the ongoing standing committee meeting rectifies the mistake committed during party unity. It will be the victory of the single NCP. It will not be considered as someone’s victory and defeat but the rectification of collective mistakes collectively.

It will guarantee everyone’s victory. No one will be promoted and deposed.  This meeting has been centered to the complexity of the management of main leadership. Such situation, for a communist party, should be a matter of shame. However, the arrangement of seats of leadership up to the fourth day of the meeting has brought cultural level of NCP to the surface. Most probably, such type of tug of war and dispute had not been experienced in the history, although there are some instances like Jhalnath Khanal sitting on the last bench in parliamentary party and Mohan Baiddhya resigning from the post of parliament member sitting on the last bench in the parliament. However, there had been no dispute regarding the chair, sofa or the color in the past as at present .

There is not an option with main leadership to move forth forging a new unity on new ground. Otherwise, people will realize that present day NCP is no more than a group of petty self and prejudice. The country will deviate from the course of progression and ultimately all working-class people will have to insult themselves claiming their trouble for being written by destiny owing to the so-called NCP. Therefore, the responsible members of standing committee should accomplish the liability of the history being transferred from secretariat leaders prudently.

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