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NCP has no option to Join in hands

There had been underling burden of suspicion and distrust between KP Sharma Oli and Pushpa Kamal Dahal, Prachanda since party unity. However, the compulsion of the situation didn’t permit them to go out of party unity, they had forged. Both Oli and Prachanda are the two leaders with less similarities and more dissimilarities between them.

The country and people had been suffering from a series of painful wound of political instability since 1950 in the history of Nepal. King Mahendra plucked the sprout of two third of majority achieved by B.P. Koirala in 1958 before it bloomed. B.P. Koirala’s party again won the simple majority in 1991 general election but his brother Girija Prasad Koirala could not save it for 5 years. His government encountered sudden crisis due to his insult and ignorance to his senior leaders, Ganeshman Singh and Krishna Prasad Bhattarai and in his personal whim he pushed the country into the maze of mid-term election. Nepali Congress, once again ,won the majority in 1994 , however, Girija Prasad Koirala did not let his senior leader Krishna Prasad Bhattarai to remain in power even for 10 months. Krishna Prasad Bhattarai, without any delay and hesitation, left the government easily without repeating the mistake committed by Koirala in 1991.

Even Koirala remained compelled to resign from the post of prime minister in 1999. To recall the tragic history made by Sher Bahadur Deuba, the successor of Koirala, transforming the parliament as the treasury/ dark room of the palace will be more relevant this time.

Everything depends on the step to be taken by the ruling party and the prime minister during the time of crisis emerged in a party. Currently NCP has 4 leaders who have already accumulated experience as the prime minister of Nepal. In that sense there is no scarcity of the combination of experience of governance and ambition in NCP. This is the crux of dispute emerged in NCP. Their dispute is not centered to particular principle, ideology, or policy. NCP has been entrapped to individual style of understanding and practice of governance and party system.

Fundamental honesty in their speech and correct speculation of the circumstance are the most essential components in the functioning of a government despite politics being a dirty game. Nepalese people have still intended to see a 5 year long stable government once. The whole  NCP rank and file should internalize this reality. This will certainly begin a new chapter in the political history of Nepal. However, the main leadership should be more conscious and give high priority to win their colleagues. Lack of this sensibility is the entangled dispute within NCP at present.

Party, not a person must be the main in party system. An individual enjoying any post or portfolio must be ready to be under the party but not a party under an individual. Moreover, socialist centralism is the greatest scripture in a communist party for which there is no dispute among NCP leaders in this context. However, their practice is getting to be just the reverse. Due to reason of the need of the country, geo-political sensibility, and people’s aspirations, there is no option to unity and unity of NCP despite present tussle. There should be a healthy and fair review of the weakness of the prime minister and establish a system of improvement. To oust someone from the post merely on the ground of dislike is a destructive thought. Prime minister, on the other hand, should openly ask party colleagues to support the government instead of the internal desire to have their support.  Government’s success is party’s success. Similarly, government can succeed only if party is activated. Party provides strength to face the problems present before the government. The main leadership should move forth prudently following the agreements and consensus made during party unity. It is a fatal disposition to scatter those agreements and consensus at oppositions’ door  as well to public market. The question has been repeatedly asked whether the same has been continuing at present. Afterall, prime minister should seek political solution. The party’s  political problem can’t be resolved only through seeking constitutional and legal course. NCP high command must learn from people’s leader Madan Bhandari who used to have firm stance on national issues but maximum flexibility in party’s internal issue. Only then, any sort of internal problems will be naturally resolved. The internalization of Madan Bhandari’s thought and working style in practice not the chanting of his name will be the true honor and respect towards him. NCP high command must think it with cool mind. Therefore, NCP should stop the tendency of crying publicly in parliamentary dirty manner if not save at least the strength of a left party though not as a communist.

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