• 26 July, 2020 1:37 pm


Godavari municipality for not observing Gaijatra-related events

Lalitpur, July 26 

The Godavari municipality in Lalitpur has called for not observing other events related to the upcoming Gaijatra festival except the major one for the health safety of municipality folks.

The local government’s call came at a time when the global pandemic of coronavirus is posing increasing threat to health. According to mayor Gajendra Maharjan, the bodies concerned have been urged to suspend the celebrations of the Gaijatra festival and other cultural customs such as Matya, Lakhe dance, festivals dedicated to deities Krishna and Juga when the COVID-19 infections rate is growing.

”We appeal for the participation of only related few people in major Gaijatra festival rituals and to refrain from making crowd in the celebrations.

The local government has decided to allow the celebrations of cultural festivals by maintaining adequate social/physical distancing and safety measures.”

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