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First Monday of Shrawan

Kathmandu July, 20

Today, is the first Monday of the Nepali month Shrawan. This day is being celebrated as a special religious day by Hindu women.

There is a religious belief that one can fulfill his/her aspirations by fasting and worshiping Shivaji on this Monday of Shrawn, the holy month. This month has five Mondays as per the lunar calendar. This month, it is customary for Hindu women to wear green, yellow and red bangle and Mehndi for various religious activities.

In previous years, Shiva temples, in different parts of the country, including Pashunath, used to be crowded with women worshippers on this first Monday of July, but this year the temples are closed due to the fear of corona virus.

The religious places of India like Haridwar, Rishikesh, are also closed due to this corona infection.

Saun is considered to be the beloved month of Lord Shiva . The Pashupati Area Development Fund (PADF) sources inform that only regular prayers are performed these days.

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