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COVID-19 pandemic caseload nears one thousand mark in State-1

Itahari, July 24 

The caseload of COVID-19 pandemic has neared one thousand mark in State-1.

As of Friday afternoon, the number of cases has reached 848 – 714 male and 134 female. Just a week ago on July 17, there were 774 cases. 74 cases were seen in a week and experts predict one thousand mark is nearing.

”We are just behind 152 cases to reach one thousand”, said Dr. Ashok Aiyar, the deputy spokesperson at Dharan-based B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences.

He added, ”Given the previous increment trend and the end of strict lockdown, it is likely that one thousand mark is so close.” Dr. Air said now it is up to individuals to avoid possible transmission by maintaining physical distance and undergoing strict sanitization measures.

As of Friday afternoon, according to the Corona Information Desk of The State-1 Government, 723 patients have recovered from the pandemic in the state. Of them, 605 are male and 118 are female. Two deaths in the State, none are locals State-1 has seen two COVID-19 death cases so far.

However, both cases are from neighboring State-2. The first reported death was of an elderly pandemic patient undergoing treatment at Dharan-based B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences succumbed to the pandemic. The 73-year-old patient from the Rajbiraj Municipality-1, Saptari of State-2 was suffering from diabetes and heart ailments.

Likewise, another elderly patient from Mahottari also died of this deadly virus. The 63-year-old patient was suffering from multiple ailments, informed Dr. Aiyar.

The deceased from Saptari and Mahottari were hospitalized at the BPKIHS on July 15 and 16 respectively.

They were receiving treatment at an isolation ward.

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