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‘Corona virus in sewage water does not infect humans’

Kathmandu , July 5:

The Ministry of Health and Population has said that the corona virus in sewage water does not infect humans. He has also urged not to be terrified of the infection of corona virus to human through sewage water.

In the regular press brief of the Ministry of Health, the spokesperson of the Ministry, Prof. Dr. Jageshwar Gautam, has claimed that the corona virus found in the sewage water cannot be transmitted to humans.

Studies have not confirmed the possibility of Covid 19 being transmitted through sewage water after the corona virus was identified.

Corona virus was detected in the Environmental Surveillance conducted by the Center for Molecular Dynamics while testing sewage at various places in the Kathmandu Valley.

 The media had published news on the subject after the corona infection was confirmed in the sewage water in Kathmandu.

Dr Gautam has said that even though the corona virus was found in the sewage water, it does not mean that the infection had spread to the community and created a complicated situation.

Dr. Gautam has said that the corona virus can be transmitted through respiratory tract to a person who is close to coughing or sneezing.  And also through the sputum of a person who is close to the infected person who coughs or sneeze

He has said that the person cleaning the sewage water should wear personal safety equipment, wear long and thick gloves and boots, mask and goggles.

He has also said that dirty hands should not touch the nose, mouth and eyes while working. He adds that hands should be washed with soap and water after cleaning garbage and sewage.

Dr. Gautam said there was no evidence of infection with the Covid 19 virus from sewage and waste water, indeed there was a risk of other diseases.

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