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CMS dillydallies for land rent payment

Chitwan, July 3

The Bharatpur-based College of Medical Sciences (CMS) operated on the investment of Indian nationals is dillydallying for the payment of the land rent worth amounting to over Rs 25.8 million to the Bharatpur Hospital. The CMS had taken altogether nine bigha land of the Bharatpur Hospital on lease only at Rs 100,000 per bigha. According to Bharatpur Hospital’s Account Chief Bhriguraj Khanal, the Office of Auditor General has ramped up its follow-up to the CMS for the settlement of over Rs 22 million as of the previous fiscal year. This year the CMS has to pay land rent and additional charges totaling Rs 3.79 million. Though the Bharatpur Hospital has followed up the CMS for rent clearance it has not been settled yet, Khanal siad. Likewise, the National Vigilance Centre has demanded comprehensive details of the MoU between the two hospitals regarding land lease and rent. The OAGN has also been frequently following up the CMS for immediately settling the rent amount, Khanal shared. The lease agreement was signed in 2062 BS (2006 AD).

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