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Answer to India: Kalapani-Limpiyadhura belongs to Nepal; movement of Nepalese is natural

Kathmandu, July 29

Government of Nepal has responded to India’s letter. The letter of Nepal to India says – “it is ‘normal’ for Nepalese citizens to travel in Nepal’s territories, including Kalapani, Gunji, Limpiyadhura and its other adjacent areas”. Earlier, the letter from Indian Government directed to stop Nepalese from entering the Kalapani- Limpiyadhura areas.

District Administration Office, Darchula replied to the letter on Tuesday. Dharchula had written a letter to the District Administration Office, Darchula, saying that the movement of Nepalis from Gurni, Kalapani-Limpiyadhura area has increased, and to stop the movement of Nepalese immediately in these territories. It has asked to check ‘illegal entry’ of Nepali citizens to Kalapani, Gunji and Limpiyadhura.

District Administration Office, Darchula has said that the movement of Nepalese is natural as Gunji, Kalapani, Limiyadhura and other adjacent areas are parts of Nepal itself.

In the letter sent by Nepal , it has also stated that – If we go through the Article 5 of  Seaguli Treaty in1816 and the subsequent facts and evidences, it is proved that  that Kali River as well as the areas including Nabi, Limpiyadhura, Gunji, Kuti, Kalapani and Lipu Lekh belong to Nepal. There should be no obstacle in that regard as the mentioned land is Nepal’s territories.

Disputes between the two countries burst out last November when India released a new map including Nepali territories – Kalapani and Limpiyadhura and its other adjacent areas.

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