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Not a single person formed our party, All have equal contribution

Kathmandu : Our party is in a critical condition. You said no meetings so far have been summoned for the last ¾ months. How can a meeting be summoned, since there is no party? What is the way to run party in a system and process consolidating the unity ? Lets pay attention towards it too.

Otherwise, we will encounter a serious accident. Who has done such activities in our party? You must clearly point out who is responsible in it. Moreover, you must tell frankly if our presence in this party capacity is not right. We accomplished party unity historically. We formed our government with almost two third of majority after historic party unity. But people’s multiparty democracy and socialism will finish if we remain unable to save this unity. Otherwise, it collapses.

We have still two and half years left. Lets all be responsible and make the government responsible for the remaining time and we can go before the people in the coming election only if we make party activities more effective. Otherwise, people may seek an option. Therefore, lets carry serious review of our activities in this meeting.

We had discussed on three, four issues during we forged party unity. We had agreed on the concept of two chairmen, go for the national convention with consensus, KP Oli to be the Prime Minister for the first and handle the party and the government turn wise. He forged a written agreement on these issues. I had proposed to handle the party and the government individually in case the government can’t be handled turn wise. I ,later on, myself left the proposal. I feel my fault that time when I look back to the past seriously. I have felt now that I had done a mistake. That has increased arrogance. Such is the real situation in the party. We have ourselves launched a signature campaign and chanting faction and faction. Therefore, this meeting has to end factionalism and form a real party.

Otherwise, we have also an optional way. lets keep on carrying discussions. And there is another way of party split as the party is trying to at present. But that is the way to party dissolution and destruction. Lets not think to opt this perilous path. There is a need to run the party in accordance to the system and process. We have to run accordingly. Since party secretariat has not been able to finalize it , you all have to assist us. You all suggest the way to run our party. We have to move forth with the spirit of ‘fight to finish’. I must rectify my mistakes if I have committed and if the other chairman has committed mistake, he should rectify it. Otherwise, our party will not be a party in real sense.

The government has done right. Has the model of socialism as we claimed been ready merely on the ground of constructing ¾ kilometer long roads or through road maintenance? Are we along the path of our ideal and devotion or going somewhere else? Though the government has been working, the perception of general public is that we are going somewhere else. We have gone along neoliberal path.

People are feeling no difference at all between the present communist led government and other. Should we be happy only with what we could have done? We should self-evaluate this. Discussions on Nepal’s present regime heading towards the model of Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Afghanistan have been surfaced.  Regressive forces are beginning to merry making hoping to come back to the power. These all issues have not surfaced all of a sudden without any ground. Domestic and foreign powers might have come to destroy, and divide us. Should not we think towards it?

-Not a single person formed our party. All have equal contribution relatively in their own.  The main leadership has contribution and the senior leaders also do have their own contribution. However, we should not think that without an individual the normal routine of the sun stops. We should understand that in our absence too the lunar and solar motion continues. If we can think this much our party will move forth in a pace.

( Based on a opening ceremony inaugural speech of ongoing NCP Standing committee meeting ).

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