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National Paddy Day, Locusts, and crisis of NCP

Kathmandu: June 29 ( Asar 15) is observed as a national paddy day in Nepal. The ceremony of the tradition of agriculture in Nepalese society to grow maximum paddy ( I Muri ) consuming little paddy ( 1 mana ) is the national Paddy Day. However, all sorts of festivities and ceremonies are being discouraged due to Corona Pandemic across the world.  The world is in a state of lock down. More than half a million people have lost their lives due to Corona Virus world- wide. 

More than 12 thousand people have been proved to have corona transmission and 28 people have lost their lives till date in Nepal. Although the government has turned lockdown to loose-down since June 15, 2020, it has increased terror among people. Coincidently, national paddy day that is celebrated every year in the hope to yield sufficient paddy to meet a year’s need has knocked down our door. We have a tradition of eating Dahi Chyura (curd and beaten rice) and celebrate Asara 15 (June 29 ) as the national Paddy day whether we are involved in paddy plantation or not. This days is regarded as the day of eating Dahi Chyura . There is an old tradition of planting paddy seedlings amidst mud splashing, singing Asare Song ( songs related to paddy seedlings plantations) and Dahi Chyura eating.

Along with the Corona pandemic the pandemic of locusts has entered Nepal from the south at a time when the country is celebrating national paddy day. Coincidently, corona virus too had entered Nepal from the south. Maximum of the corona transmitted patients who are undergoing treatment are those who had returned to Nepal from India. It is difficult access and predict the real condition of people who are deprived of two plain meals and employment as the country is suffering from Corona transmission and the pandemic of locusts.

Meanwhile, as the terror of corona and locusts is spreading the nook and corners of the country, a serious fire of dispute within ruling Nepal Communist party has attracted people’s attention. The standing committee meeting aimed to resolve the dispute is being transformed to more tension, distrust, and suspicion instead of takin easy and natural pace. The suspicion and distrust existed against each other from the initial phase of party unity is intensifying and the government is becoming unpopular in the eyes of people in totality. Every activity of the government has been disputed and an unfortunate situation has stood before the Prime minister and party Chairman, KP Sharma Oli to be responsible for all the disputed issues. The burden of maximum of the incompetent members of the council of ministers has seriously hurt Prime minister’s frail health and wrangling within the party.

The proposal to leave either the post of Prime minister or party chairman has entered in the ongoing party standing committee meeting. Those who do not prefer party unity are waiting for the time to table more explosive proposals. Nepal Communist party has become the victim of standstill due to the distrust fundamentally on working styles between the heroes of party unity, Oli and Prachanda. All should not be deluded that principle, party line, and ideology are nothing more than subsidiary weapons used to blame each other in the dispute surfaced in NCP. This is out of general speculation that such a state of bitter accusation and counter accusation can emerge on the issue at a time when party ideology is not the principle issue of dispute. However, this is really happening. The issue of power sharing between two party chairmen has become a serious subject not to let both chairmen deviate from the broad responsibility of the mandate of the last election party unity. For that sake, there is no option to endorse the agreement forged between the two chairmen on 2 May ,2077 from the ongoing standing committee meeting. Nepal Communist Party should be saved from southern and western locusts. It is a well-known fact that The NCP formed with the merger of two large communist parties is abhorred by maximum foreign powers. The main leadership should be well aware of the fact that their dislike means to foil and unity. So, they had to behave duly from the day 1 of party unity. The main leadership has overlooked the reality letting the dispute surface to dishearten the country and people from that point onward.

Nevertheless, the prime issue of this time is unity. Apart from it, NCP leadership has to make people feel the democratic responsibility to material the promises made before people during election are taking shape and communist party and its government is showing its pro-people responsibility.  Oli and Prachanda should realize the fact that any sort of extremity may invite nothing more than their ruin. Along with them the other 7 secretariat members should be ready to be equally responsible.

There is no option to necessary devotion, renunciation, improvement and revision to resolve the dispute after its emergence. Any leader’s gratification or everlasting continuation of certain post are subsidiary subjects for a party that has been integrated after crossing many ups and downs of split and division. The prime issue is unity, unity, and unity. Let’s hope the main pilots who have experienced 14-year long imprisonment and 25 -year long underground life and 12-year long forest stay will not loss their wisdom.

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