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Madan Bhandari’sfull textinterviewpublished in the famous American magazine, Newsweek

Today, is the 69th birth anniversary of popular leader late Madan Bhandari. He wasmurdered in a jeep accident on Jestha 3, 2050 Bs.The CPN (UML) and the CPN (Maoist) is moving forward being based on multi-party democracy system as expressed by Madan Bhandari. This concept of Madhan Bhandari has been applied on this 21st century democracy in Nepal.

 CPN-Maoist had chosen the path of armed struggle, and later joined the peaceful movement. However, Madan Bhandari’s views, the policy programs are also suitable for today’s era as well.

On the occasion of Bhandari’s 69th birth anniversary, we have republished an interview published by the famous American magazine Newsweek in 1991 under the headline “Karl Marx is alive in Nepal”. 

The Interview goes like this:

Why do you think you can succeed when other countries’ communists have failed?

The main objectives of communism is to eliminate exploitation corruption and injustice from society. If there have been some mistakes in the past while implementing that policy, it does not mean that the objectives of communism have failed. In the case of our party, we have decided to establish democracy and will take power only after we get the mandate from the people.

I notice you have books by (North Korean Leader Kim H sung. What do you think of him?

— Kim II Sung is a successful Communist leader who contributed to the revolution and development of his own country. I do not admire himfor anything else. I do not feel I have to follow his ideology. What about Mao’s writings?

Some of our young people in the countryside have been studying history of the Chinese movement and learning from it.     

flow does Nepal’s Communist Party compare with those in countries like China, the Soviet Union and North Korea?

They all are involved in the establishment of a new society based on emancipation, equality and justice. The communist movements in these countries have grown in different ways. In China they were liberated by armed struggle, but in Nepal we are in a peaceful movement. China and North Korea have been facing foreign hegemony and aggression. In Nepal, we also have been raising a voice against foreign aggression, against imperialism and regional hegemony.

Some non-communists say you are receiving monetary support from China and the Communist Party in India.

That is lie. We have never asked for nor received any financial or material help from anywhere, be it Chinese, Korean or Indian (Communist) parties. These charges are made by our opponents who are actually receiving help form foreign countries.

What is your position on the caste system and religious freedom?

We want to end social discrimination among the different castes. But we will honor the culture, tradition and religion of different castes and tribes. A few old people still have a very strong feeling about (caste). We do not want to use force against them. If it is their conscience, we will try to educate them. No one should have the right to insult low-caste people and nobody should be obliged to respect the high-caste people. We also want a secularist state. Everybody can follow their religion. The state will be neutral to all religions.

How would you treat your country’s landowners?

We want to take the land away from the (current) owners and give it to the tillers of the land. We will try very peace-fully and will not take the land without paying money. If the landlords do not (comply) wewill be bound to use force against them.

Where will the money to pay the landlords come from?

We will take the money from those farmers who are going to own the land. (If necessary) We will provide financing from government revenues or by issuing shares in government owned industries. The payment will be done in instalments to ease the cash crunch.

          Do you advocate collectivization?

We will not use force to implement this idea. But we will encourage and establish model cooperatives to serve the people.

          Are you worried that Nepal’s foreign aid could be cut off if the Communists gain a majority?

–        There is no reason for foreign aid to stop if the Communists come to power. But we will not ask for aid at the cost of our countries freedom, independence, dignity and sovereignty. These things are more important than foreign aid.

What foreign-policy changes do you advocate toward India?

–        With India, in the past, there were some unequal and humiliating treaties. We will review the treaty and try to renew it. We want to remove the provisions which are insulting and unequal to us. One thing we want is to have very good relations with China and India. Neither do we want to be pro-China nor pro-India.

While the people of Nepal were marching against the monarchy, people in many other countries were rising up against their communist rulers. What would you do if that happened here?

While we are in power there would be no such demonstrations. Butsometimes antisocial elements try to create disturbances, we will not use state powers but will mobilize the people. If they take out a demonstration against us, then we will ask the people to take out a demonstration in our favor. We will not use noticeforce.

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