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Is India about to throw Oli out of Power ?

Kathmandu 30 Jun: After the electoral alliance between two largest left parties in 2019, NCP received almost two third of majority in the election. Immediately after the election, CPN, UML and CPN, Maoist forged party unity. That was  a historic moment in itself in the political history of Nepal. At a time when leftists across the world were in defensive position, Nepalese leftists had been able to form three tires of government with full majority. NCP Chairman, KP Sharma Oli got a golden opportunity to lead such a majority government. 

During party unity and formation of electoral alliance, a written agreement for turn-wise leadership of the government as well as the party had been inked between the two chairmen, KP Oli and Prachanda. The agreement made between two supremos had been published in the chairman and editor- in -chief of ABC News television, Shubha Skankar Kandel’s book ‘Avataran (The Safe Landing) 

on 7 October, 2018 for the first time. The book was jointly unveiled by Oli and Prachanda amidst a program. 

Although the government’s performance remained satisfactory in its first year, the remaining task of party unity had not forwarded as it was expected. The party and government stuck around PM Oli’s treatment after serious problem appeared in Oli’s health immediately after the government entered to its second year. On 20 November, 2019 the old agreement between Oli and Prachanda was revised with the new agreement of the continuation of Oli in the government as the Prime Minister and Prachanda to handle the responsibility of party chairman with executive power. From that juncture the dispute within NCP took a new mode. After the agreement Prachanda conducted two secretariat meetings and one standing committee meeting under his chairmanship. Although the standing committee meeting conducted from 29 January to 2 February, 2020 was jointly chaired by two chairmen, it was conducted fundamental under the chairmanship of Prachanda. After the standing committee meeting a kind of fear surfaced among former leaders regarding the possibility of Prachanda’s dominance in the party. Its effect fell on PM Oli and his adherents this way or that. Consequently, Oli ignored the need of consultation with Prachanda in connection in  policy forulation and appointments in various government posts and NCP gradually centered to two streams.

20 standing committee members in written demanded to hold standing committee meeting while coming to the third week of April, 2019. Although there had been 4 secretariat meetings, no standing committee meeting could be held. Finally, the standing committee meeting has begun from 24 June, 2020. Two chairmen addressed on the first day of the meeting.

The other chairman, Prachanda urged PM Oli to leave any one of the posts, Prime Minister or Party Chairman and work in line with the spirit of party unity. Oli got angry after Prachanda’s request. Oli remained absent on the second day but hardly spent 15 minutes on the third day of the meeting and went out citing health reason. The background of Prachanda’s proposal before Oli to leave any one of the responsibilities was the only expression of the agreement forged between two on 3 May 2018.  The next day or on 28 June, 2020 PM Oli imposed serious blame upon India, media in Delhi, and leaders within NCP for hatching conspiracy to throw him out of power in a function organized by Madan Bhandari Foundation. He brought forward the decision of the inclusion of Kalapani areas of Nepal in Nepal’s Map as the reason of taking against him on the background. PM Oli only knows the underlying truth behind his blame. However, Oli’s remark has invited dispute in terms of his post, dignity and diplomacy. Diplomats and political analysts have accused that Oli’s expressions has seriously violated the decorum of his post whereas, party’s senior leaders have become highly annoyed.  

Does India intend to really remove PM Oli? Does Oli leave the post merely in India’s insistence? We can analyze the first question in different angles, but the second question does not have positive answer as neither India nor any other foreign powers can overthrow Oli who is the prime minister with almost two third of majority in the parliament and the chairman of ruling party, NCP. It is quite difficult to change the mathematics of current two third majority. Without NCP’s internal reason there is no chance of any alteration in the existing power balance. However, Oli’s current remarks has created a ripple among NCP leaders and all rank and file of the party. Naturally, the left dominance in Nepal has been an undigested issue for non-leftist forces at a time when leftists across the world are under defensive position. But PM Oli had time and again been reiterating to have strong bond with India after the formation of government under his leadership and the situation too seemed to be as he had claimed outside by general public. However, his recent remarks regarding India’s game is in itself a strange issue. If India had tried to remove PM Oli, he would have invited discussion on this issue in detail in the ongoing standing committee meeting and seek out the possible way to defend. If the remark that Oli made is true not only NCP but the whole nation should denounce it.  But we can’t even imagine that without any concrete proof Pm Oli made such a serious remark. Although there is a long tradition of trying to be liberated from the problem putting blame over foreign elements and powers in case the post falls in critical in Nepal, a serious question has been raised whether Pm Oli too adopted the same traditional game. So far, the media in Delhi are concerned, no media across the world are as airy, baseless and prejudiced as the Indians. If any one watches Indian television for six hours, he will no doubt conclude that an atomic war between Pakistan and India is sure to initiate any hour and China and India are about to initiate world war. To draw a conclusion in Nepal by figures having domination over country’s policy being based on the media propaganda of India is to be more airy, baseless and prejudiced. The more Indian media have been clamoring, China and Pakistan have paid less attention on their claim and our policy makers should have been well aware of this issue.

How can Delhi remove a government that has almost two third of majority in the parliament merely on its intention and form a non-left government? This is the most serious question. 

To what extent it is ethical and moral to accuse another equation within the party of being pro-foreign powers, if the leadership of government is changed by the equation within the party. It signals a serious accident in the party. Therefore, PM Oli must be ready to present the anti-government activities being carried outside in the ongoing standing committee, discuss it seriously, and should be ready to move forth for party unity and the stability of the government. Otherwise, all NCP leaders must cruelly rectify their habit of talking in their own whims and fancy for their personal benefit wherever they wish.

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