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Device to scare monkey distributed to farmers

Palpa, June 27 

Rampur Municipality in the district has distributed devices to the farmers to scare monkeys. The municipality provided the devices to the farmers from Ward , 2, 3, 5 and 7 to protect agricultural crops from vermin especially monkeys and birds. A total of 50 devices were provided in the first phase and would be continued to other wards as well. Mayor Raman Bahdur Thapa shared that the scaring-devices were made by local youths Jageshwar Pandey and Tirtha Raj Pandey. The experiment of the devices showed effective result that monkeys and birds were chased away by it. Manufacturer Jageshwar Pandey informed that the device produces a big frightening sound that makes animals and birds run away from the farm. Calcium carbonate, gas and lighter are used to produce the sound via device, according to Pandey. The product costs Rs 3,500. Monkeys and birds are huge nuisance that destroy the crops mostly in Rambha, Nisdi, Mathagadhi, Bagnaskalim, Purbakhola areas in the municipality.

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