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Co- chairs blame each other for their non-cooperation in running party, government

KATHMANDU, June 25 : Chairperson of the ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP) Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda blamed the government for its very poor performance during the party’s Standing Committee meeting which began on Wednesday.

Addressing to the meeting Parchanda said that the government has failed to live up to the people’s expectations in this difficult situation. He also indirectly accused another Chairperson and Prime-minister KP Sharma Oli of violating the “understanding” reached at the party’s top level in terms of power sharing on rotational basis.

“Either we have to part ways or we need to mend ways,” a party leader quoted Prachanda as saying. “Since parting is not possible, we need to mend our ways, for which we must be ready to sacrifice.” 

By ‘sacrifice’, party insiders believe that Parchanda is preparing to ask Oli to step down as either the prime minister or the party chair.

Prachanda stressed that “Although, we agreed to lead the government on rotational basis during the time of party unification, I myself backtracked from the understanding reached with Oliji. After seeing the works of the government, I am now realizing that I did a mistake by doing so,” he said while regretting over the government’s performance and peoples aggression on the party and government also.

“The government and party both are facing crisis now,” he concluded.

During the meeting, chairperson Oli, defended the government and said that his administration is doing its best to serve the national interests. He also blamed that the ruling party senior leaders themselves are acting like the opposition party leaders.

“The government has been doing its best to contain the COVID-19 pandemic while expediting development works across the country. One has to be objective while criticizing the government,” Oli remarked.

PM Oli also repeatedly highlighted that the government is working to safeguard the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

“We recently issued a new political and administrative map of the country. This was a historic task,”. Oli told that the party avoided a big political crisis last month. “By going against the spirit of the party unity, some leaders worked against the party. The party was almost on the verge of split. However, we managed to avoid the crisis,” he added. Prime Minister Oli also urged the leaders to help the government in its smooth functioning.

Party spokesperson Narayan Kaji Shrestha said, the party chairpersons expressed their views on the government’s work, the party, and overall situation of the country, as well as present challenges and opportunities posed by the COVID-19 crisis.

According to party spokesperson Narayankaji Shrestha , the two chairmen reviewed the norms and values of the Communist ideology as well as the positive and negative situation based on people’s mandate. They stressed on moving ahead the party based on this assessment.

The meeting has endorsed the agenda as prevention, control and treatment of COVID-19, Nepal’s border problem and its solution, thorough review of the government’s works, assessment of the party works and remaining works of organizational unification, the American Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) Compact and miscellaneous topics. The miscellaneous topics include the incident that took place in Rukum (Paschim) on May 23, the bill related to citizenship and allowances of federal parliamentarians.

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